How You Can Prevent Your Own Road Rage

Road rage is defined as violent behavior exhibited by road users. This behavior is not uncommon and it has caused many accidents on the road. As a result, many lives are put in danger as road rage is constantly exhibited. For many road users, road congestion is the main cause of road rage, however studies show that main cause of this lies within each road user. As matter of fact, such violent behavior can be controlled, if road users evaluate their driving behavior and attempt to reduce their stress levels when on the road. Here are a few ways that you can use, if you want to battle road rage.

Keep To A Schedule

Many of us rush through each day trying to get things ready before leaving the house and end up trying to catch up with time on the road. If you keep up with this habit each day, then you will surely end up losing your temper on the road. However, if you try keeping to a schedule and make sure that everything is set the night before such as preparing clothes and lunches for everyone to avoid having to rush in the morning. You can also add an extra 15 minutes to your travel time.

Sleep Well

Another cause of irritation that leads to road rage is lack of sleep. Anyone can lose their temper when they haven’t slept well. When you lose hours of precious sleep, you can easily feel resentment, frustration and annoyance. Thus, try getting at least eight hours of sleep to help you keep your cool on the road.

Choose Your Music Well

If you have a preference for upbeat music with the bass blaring, you might want to stick to something more soothing when on the road. Opt for relaxing or soothing music such as jazz or classical music to reduce stress instead or hiphop or rock music to prevent you from being too pumped up in traffic.

Your Car Is Not A Weapon

We all have our bad days and disappointments at home and at work. However, this must not prompt you into turning your car from transportation into weapon on the road. If you end up blowing off steam because of a fight you had with your spouse or boss, do not let it out with your car. Do not share your problems with other road users by turning the road into a race track and cause an accident.

Breathe In And Breathe Out

There will be moments when you find yourself gripping the steering wheel too tight, loosen up and breathe in and out. If you have to travel for hours on the road, make sure that you do not exceed three hours of travel without taking a break. You can stop at gas stations, convenient stores and diners to take a break and stretch your legs. Take this time to clear your windshield as dirty windshields can also irritate you while driving. You may also want to roll down your window and breathe properly as you drive. If you experience another driver cutting you off, or if the car in front of you braked suddenly, do not lose your temper because he may have a good reason to do. Sometimes other drivers become erratic when they have a baby in the car or a pet, so there will always be reasons and you must take it personally.

Always remember that you must treat other road users the same way you want to be treated. When you reduce your aggressiveness on the road, you can stay from trouble and accidents. Never let your emotions dominate you on the road and this will keep you and other road users safe.

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