Hybrid and Mighty: Are Hybrids Really Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

If there’s one thing you can’t get away from hearing in today’s modern world, it’s the phrase ‘Be more eco friendly’. Growing fears over the fragility of our planet, and the great horror of global warming have made a good chunk of humanity stop and think: “What can I do to save the planet?”

One of the big things more and more people are debating is investing in hybrid vehicles. On paper they sound great; powered by electricity and gas, hybrid vehicles don’t give out anywhere near as much pollution as common all gas vehicles and you even often get special treatment at parking lots thanks to the inclusion of hybrid car charging points! Sure, there are lots of benefits to having a hybrid car and helping to save the planet, but the prices of electric-powered vehicles are so high, it’s a luxury that can only be afforded by a few people.

Most car manufacturers are now starting to get in on the hybrid action, offering up new models every year designed to appease the growing demand for high efficiency vehicles. They’re also expanding rapidly into different types of vehicles; it is now possible to easily gain a hybrid SUV or simply a tiny little car that gets you from A to B. It’s a new way to drive; but you have to wonder whether the extra expenditure is truly worth it, or whether hybrid vehicles are currently far too overpriced.

Time vs. Money Saved

If you’re talking about saving money when buying a hybrid, you may be shocked to learn that a study by truecar.com found that it would in fact take over ten years to start saving money on an electrically powered vehicle when comparing it to a gas one! The same study also found that in order for hybrid vehicles to save you money, gas prices in the US would have to spike by at least $8 for the considerable future (which is extremely unlikely).

This is true of most hybrid vehicles, but there are exceptions to the rule such as the Toyota Prius. Designed to be much more efficient than other hybrids, the new Prius also takes the strange look that many hybrid cars are starting to use and reverses it, offering sleek, unique OEM Toyota rims and a body-kit that doesn’t look like it belongs in an 80’s sci-fi flick. If you’re debating getting a hybrid, cars such as the Prius are certainly the better option; you’re getting a hybrid car that is both fuel-efficient and those wheels will look damn good rolling down the road with Toyota’s sexy rims!

To be quite honest, the hybrid car is currently more about having some kind of status symbol than actually saving money. Those who can afford hybrids often use the vehicles as a means of promoting their ‘sustainable living’ mantra, and that is why hybrid cars are now so vastly overpriced. For the rest of us, a common gas vehicle is perhaps the best we can afford right now, but in terms of overall savings, having a gas vehicle is probably the best bet anyway.

Hybrid vehicles are great – but for now, they remain a luxury few of us can afford.

Dean Saliba

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