Hybrid Cars

The rising popularity of hybrid cars within the auto industry has been phenomenal. All those people who are more eco-friendly and want to preserve the environment, but still drive at the same time, are most happy. The hybrid vehicle uses a quieter electric motor to conserve fuel and produce fewer emissions. But are these cars as reliable and as fast as normal ones? It’s understood that there is a compromise between power and eco-friendly driving.

Hybrid Engine Performance

Generally speaking, the engine is almost always smaller than the engine in a normal car. This means less horsepower and less torque. Thinking about fuel efficiency, designers produced hybrids that operate from the start using only the electric motor, which typically provides less horsepower and torque than a gasoline-powered engine. However, these two systems work together to help you save fuel in the city and to allow you to drive at faster speed on the highway or even climb steep hills. So in conclusion, hybrid cars won’t be as fast as regular ones, but they won’t be too slow either, as they get enough power from the gasoline engine and can go as fast as 161 km/h.


Acceleration is the real matter for hybrid cars. A relatively fast hybrid can go from zero to 97 km/h in about six seconds, although for some people this may too slow. Car manufacturers are developing faster hybrids with larger V-6 engines and more powerful electric motors. Hybrid technology developer Frazer-Nash Research and Italian design firm Italdesign Giugiaro built the Namir – a concept plug-in hybrid that can go from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 301 km/h. So there are options from which to choose for speed lovers, as Namir’s range is of 1,931 kilometres.

Hybrid cars rankings

If you’re thinking of getting a hybrid car, here’s a list with the top three hybrids to help you decide:

Ford Fusion Hybrid: average price – $25,809 – $31,798. Critics say that this model is a great midsize hybrid, with exceptional fuel economy, a quiet powertrain and a spacious cabin. It has a four-cylinder gas engine, electric motor and continuously variable transmission. At 47/47 mpg city/highway, it has some of the best fuel economy ratings in its class;

Honda Accord Hybrid: average price – $29,579 – $35,156. Incredible fuel economy, strong performance and a spacious, upscale interior, this model has a four-cylinder engine, electric motor and continuously variable transmission. Test drivers say that it has plenty of power and that they like how quiet and conventional-felling the CVT is and that the transition between gas and electric power is so flawless you can’t tell when the switch is made. At an EPA-estimated 50/45 mpg city/highway, it is very economic for this class;

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: average price – $24,830 – $29,420. Some test drivers think its powertrain ‘isn’t as refined as rival hybrids’, but with a long warranty, high-quality interiors and many standard features, the Sonata Hybrid is still good for its class. It has a four-cylinder motor and six-speed automatic transmission. It gets 36/40 mpg city/highway, which is considered good for this class, but not as efficient as other hybrids.

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