How to Import a Vehicle Temporarily Into Cyprus

When planning to ship your vehicle over to Cyprus from the UK you first have to decide how long you are going to be keeping your vehicle within the country once it has arrived. This is because the length of time that your vehicle stays within Cyprus determines the amount of entry fees and documentation you will require.

Out of the possible two categories for length of time your vehicle will be staying in Cyprus we will be looking at Temporary Importation, this option allows you to import your vehicle into Cyprus for a period of up to six months per year, this time can be used consecutively or not it is entirely up to you. But you do need to make sure that your vehicle is exported back out of the country, or you have it stored by the countries customs before the end of the six months.

When you are exporting your vehicle into Cyprus for temporary use, from another member of the EU states you will be able to import your vehicle with zero excise duty or VAT, but bear in mind this is only available if the vehicle still has its EU number plates and registration documents from the country of shipping.

In some instances you may be able to keep your vehicle within Cyprus on its foreign plates and registration for a longer period than the original six months, this is achievable if:

  • You are a student who is studying within Cyprus, in which case you will be given permission to use the vehicle throughout your stay in Cyprus exclusively for your studies.
  • You have been assigned with a task that has a fixed duration exceeding six months, in which case you’ll be allowed to use the vehicle throughout your stay in Cyprus exclusively for the fulfilment of your task.
  • You have transferred your normal residence from another country to Cyprus, and you’re intending to apply for relief of the vehicle.

Once your vehicle has arrived at Cyprus you will be required to obtain a C104O form which will act as your vehicles temporary import registration document. This will then need to be kept with you at all times while you’re within the country as it can often be required by customs or the police during your time within Cyprus, it is also required that this document is presented to the customs when your vehicle is leaving the country.

While your vehicle is within Cyprus under the pretence of temporary importation, you will be allowed to drive your vehicle as long as one of these conditions is met:

  • The driver has a valid certificate or registration and road licence from another EU member state
  • The driver holds a valid International Drivers Permit, and their licence is valid in their own country.
  • The vehicle is insured by a Cypriot insurance company, or is covered by the green car scheme.

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