Important Rules Set for MOT Tyre Wear

The Ministry of Transportation administers the tire wear rules. It is a safety hazard to drive your car around on worn tires. There are acceptable safety limit standards for tires which the MOT sets. Each time a vehicle is being checked for licensing, the ministry conducts an inspection that includes the tires. When your tyre does not comply with MOT requirements, it is important to get a new set of tyres so that the MOT will consider your tyres roadworthy. The following are the rules set by the MOT for tyre wear.

The MOT inspects nearly all components and parts which you utilize every day while you are behind the wheel. These include the steering wheel, suspension, wipers, horn, seats, mirrors and seatbelts. The emissions and fuel system are checked before the certificate will be issued by the MOT.

1. Thread Wear

The tyres will be inspected by the MOT for thread wear through the use of a gauge. It is important for threads to have a minimum depth of 1.6 millimeters. This should be for a continuous tire band. When you find a flat spot in your tyre with less than 1.6 thread depth, this means that your tire failed. Moreover, the acceptable depth of the thread should be at least three quarters of the tire’s inside as well as the outer circumstance. Therefore, your tyres must not have a bald side which signifies misaligned wheels.

2. Overall Tyre Conditions

Your tyres should not have bulges on its side or have serious scraping or cuts along the sides. The valve systems’ condition is checked for scrapping or cutting. Thus, the tire’s overall integrity is checked.

3. Car Fouling

It is likely that aftermarket tyres to rub on the inner fenders of the car. The inspector from the MOT will check for this. He will try to find scraping signs on the tyre and identify the acceptability of the sign for use on the vehicle. Also, he will look at the size of the tyre along with any interference issues in the inner fenders. When there are problems, license will not be granted for the car unless the issue is solved.

If your car has been more than three years old, you need to bring it to a certified garage so that it can undergo an MOT test. You will have to present your document or registration for the check up. When the inspection is done, the vehicle must undergo annual testing.

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