Important Safety Rules For Forklift Hire

It is extremely important that all workers who will be partaking in your forklift hire understand the safety rules of using such equipment and have received the proper training. These rules and regulations are not in place to make your life more difficult or to hinder your work – they are intended to keep workers and bystanders safe. If you do not use the forklift correctly, all sorts of accidents and injuries could occur, many of them life threatening.

  • Make sure that the forklift is only driven at a safe speed, especially if you are in an enclosed space with many tight corners. Driving at high speeds can actually cause the equipment to turn over.
  • Never play around with or use your forklift hire inappropriately; if you do not need the equipment, don’t turn it on and make sure that it has been stored well out of the way.
  • Always use the seatbelt whenever you get into the seat; if it hasn’t been fitted with one, make sure you alert a supervisor. Don’t use the equipment until the seatbelt problem has been rectified.
  • Never use a forklift for any purpose other than those it has been intended for (such as lifting and moving heavy objects).
  • Make sure that you correctly judge the weight and size of an object before you load it onto the equipment, as trying to lift something that is too large or heavy can cause the whole thing to overturn.
  • Ask workers who have not worked with forklifts recently to complete a quick refresher course to make sure that they are confident enough to operate the equipment without issue.
  • If you need a specific job undertaken and don’t have any workers who are experienced with this type of task, you should hire some qualified operators who offer their services in this way.
  • Make sure that all workers who may have to use the lift have received the proper training and qualifications. If it is found that unqualified people are operating the equipment, you will be held responsible.
  • Try to look for forklift hire that features a safety cage to ensure your safety at all times. This cage will protect the operator from serious injury should the equipment accidentally turn over.
  • Safety cages are also extremely useful in protecting workers from falling debris. If your workers are lifting heavy objects outdoors, this can also prevent them from becoming seriously injured.
  • Make sure that you keep a record of any incidents that occur with your forklift, whether they are the fault of the operator or a result of faulty equipment; the rental company may request a report.

Never fear that following safety rules with your forklift hire will make you look silly; in fact, it will make you look extremely smart because it shows that you care about your safety and the safety of your workers. Just remember that these rules are only in place to ensure that everyone working on and around forklifts is protected from serious injury or even death. This is why you should be familiar with each of the above rules and regulations.

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