Improving Aerodynamics of Your Car to Save Fuel

In the current economic environment everyone is looking for ways to save money. By saving fuel you can also save a lot of money. So how can you spend less fuel? There are many ways and improving your car’s aerodynamics is one of the easiest.

What can improve your car’s aerodynamics?

What can you do to improve your car’s aerodynamics? You can install user friendly car accessories such as wind deflectors to help. The mistake that many people make when doing this is thinking that they have to drastically change the shape of their car. Something as small as a wind deflector, can help.

How wind deflectors can help

Most people think that wind deflectors are only for windows of your car. This is not true as you can get deflectors for when you are pulling a trailer or camper. In fact this is the time when your car is at its least aerodynamic. When pulling a trailer, the air that runs off your car will hit the front of the trailer and cause lag. Lag will then cause you to use more fuel. By having a wind deflector on your roof you will make you trailer more aerodynamic.

How proper driving habits can help

You do not even have to buy anything in order to save fuel. You can save by having proper driving habits. Some habits that you should avoid in order to save fuel will include not accelerating and suddenly braking, also avoid idling and avoid constant lane changing. Something you might not think about is the speed you travel at. When you travel faster than 55 mph you are using more fuel. The reason for this is that fuel efficiency decreases when you go over 55 mph.

Wind deflectors and proper maintenance save fuel

Of course if you decide to go with a wind deflector then you should also look at proper maintenance. This maintenance should not only be for your car but also for the deflector itself. If you do not properly maintain your deflector the aerodynamics you get from it will be reduced. If this happens then you will no longer be saving fuel.

Think about your load

Another way to save fuel is to reduce the amount you carry in your vehicle. While wind deflectors can help through aerodynamics their help is limited if you are carrying a great weight. Smaller loads will mean you save fuel. The water in your vehicle is often weight that you do not need. Before travelling most people will fill their vehicles water to the maximum but you don’t actually have to do this. You will very rarely need all that water so save fuel by decreasing the amount of water weight you carry.

Aerodynamics can help you save a lot of fuel. When you are pulling a camper or trailer, getting a roof wind deflector will help with aerodynamics. There are other methods you can also use in order to save fuel. Driving properly and keeping your speed below 55 mph are ways to reduce the amount of fuel you use.

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