Innovative Seatbelt Technologies Which Save Lives

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the safety of the vehicles which they produce. They invest millions of dollars in the development of seatbelt technologies, which lower the risk of injury and death in case of an accident even further. These technologies are becoming ever more advanced. Take a closer look at some of the latest inventions.

Clamp Technology

This one of the innovative seatbelt technologies has been around for some time and it is in the process of becoming mandatory for new vehicles. It is based on a locking plate which works to clamp the safety belt in case of an accident. It does not interfere with the comfort of the passenger in any way. In case of a crash, the plate clamps in order to prevent the webbing from transferring. That way, the torso stays in place while there is no excessive load on the chest of the driver or passenger. The plate prevents the legs from going upward and forward as well.

In addition to improving the effectiveness of the belts, this invention works to enhance other safety features as well. With this technology, the upper torso can take a limited number of positions during a crash. This enables the engineers to fine tune the retractor pretensioners so that they can have better interaction with the air bags.

Active Seatbelt Buckle

This seatbelt technology is especially designed for the rear seat. The buckles use power and literally come out of the seats when the rear doors are opened. They produce light so that the passengers can easily find them in the dark.

Once the safety belt is on, the buckle will retract again. That way, the slack around the pelvic area and the chest is significantly reduced. The buckle works together with the other safety systems in the car. This enables it to receive automatic tensioning in case crashing is unavoidable.

Inflatable Safety Belt

This technology has now been employed by three of the leading car manufacturers in the world Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Lexus. It is especially designed for the rear seat passengers. The so called belt bag is fitted into the diagonal part of the webbing.

When the crash sensors of the vehicle detect impact from the front, the strap, which has multiple layers, inflates to three times its original size. The larger surface area of the inflated bag lowers the impact on the body. That way, the risk of a serious injury is effectively reduced.

You should definitely take advantage of these advanced seatbelt technologies.

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