Is It Time For Your Car’s Shock Absorber Replacement?

Traveling for extended period of time, especially off road, can give you serious muscle aches. This however can easily be prevented if your car’s shock absorbers are working suitably. Shock absorbers that are in good condition make ones journey not only free from body pains but comfy and cozy as well. To make your shock absorbers just that, ensure you take the extra time to inspect these at defined intervals. The wearing of this vehicle part is typically very gradual that noticing it is such a task if you have not regularly monitored it. It is crucial then to inspect these parts on a regular basis to detect any needed change and repair immediately preventing bigger problems. Following are some simple tips that can be applied to make the inspection and repair of shock absorbers easier and effective at the same time.

Perform a Simple Shock Absorber Test:

A simple test on shock absorbers can be made to evaluate its working condition. This only entails pushing the shock and wait for its response. Good working condition is evidenced by one vibration cycle. Any extra bounce made is an indication of wear and tear on the shock. The more extra bounce, the more immediate the required replacement is. It is also important to make ocular inspection of the shocks. The thing to look for is leak. Any sign of leakage requires immediate replacement despite passing the push test. The mounting of shocks is another thing to look for, check the nuts and bolts if they are appropriately tight. Otherwise the bushings and bosses can be compromised.

Replace the Shock Absorber’s Components Proficiently :

Going down the road weaving and wondering if its time to have your shock absorbers or suspension system professionally checked? It may well be time and miles spent. Following are the expert advice and recommendations of automobile service and maintenance experts when it comes to truck, car & SUV suspension systems safety and routine maintenance / replacements.

Change Shocks in Pairs Not Singly. If You Do the Work Yourself Safety First:

Changing shock absorbers should be in pairs not singly. Replacing only one shock in a set is poor safety practice overall and just poor economy. What this means is that shocks on the same axle length are changed at the same time to ensure the equal dampening pressure on the wheels. And if you are going to change your shocks make sure you have the required tools for the procedure. These are rust remover or silicone lubricants that facilitate loosening of rusty nuts and bolts, eye wear for protection, as well as lift for vehicle such as jack, jack stand or chocks. Removing the shock to be replaced is the first thing to do. This task can be accomplished differently depending on the type of shock absorber mounting. Bear in mind that safety should be your top priority. One type is the double-eye mount type; this mount is removed by simply tapping off the eye on the bottom part. However with these types the axle can well fall and drop off simultaneously so be very careful. The other type is the post-type mount which requires the use of a vise grip wrench for the removal process. Again can all due care and precaution with the axle falling. Take care that before you set the new shocks, make sure you clean the rusts and debris of the old ones. This is needed to ensure the efficiency of the new batch of shocks. Finally, in changing your shocks see to it that you use only the component parts that go with these to ascertain successful replacement process.

Select the Most Fitting Shock for Your Car:

A full and wide variety of shocks are offered in your local auto parts marketplace. Thus making a choice and deciding which is best for your car can be a bit challenging. To help you out, here are some of the common shock types and their distinguishing features, characteristics and driving / safety benefits. First in line is the standard-duty shock absorber which is the commonest and most popular of all. Regular standard run of the mill shocks can present comfy travel regardless of road type yet don’t count on these off road driving and fun. Standard-duty shocks are not good replacement choices overall though.  It can be said that factory trained auto service tech experts prefer those that are already specialized for good road use like the heavy-duty and the air shocks. The former are best used to make off road driving more comfortable. Though overall the cost of this are  higher , your money is well spent  in terms of  the comfort provided Indeed as a choice both comfort and road safety can be said to be matchless. For a more varied road type travel, the air shock can provide the best deal. This is a bit pricier and more sensitive to damage but the flexibility it can give is first class

The McPherson Strut’s Complexity:

A new generation of shock absorber is now being used by vehicles, the McPherson-strut. The suspension it can provide is superior but its maintenance and repair is more challenging and costlier. Due to these reasons, it is better if you ask an expert technician to do the check and maintenance.


Your family’s safety as well as comfort rides on your automobile’s suspension system. See to it this spring to have your vehicle’s suspension system, shocks and struts professionally assessed and checked out.

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