Keep Up with Car Care

With drunk driving and driving while texting continuing to rise it’s almost as if other long-standing car safety concerns have taken a permanent back seat. The problem is that there are many factors that come in to play when aiming to be a safe and responsible driver. Here are just a few safety rules that should never be overlooked.

Cover the Basics

Driving sober and keeping your phone off are huge concerns, for sure, but don’t forget that your car has mechanical features that need to be kept up with in order to assure everyone’s safety. Take brake lights and turn signals, for instance. If driving at night in the rain consider what could happen if your car’s brake lights weren’t in working order. Or maybe a car’s following too close and you forget to signal or failed to realize that your turn lights aren’t even working. Also remember that your tires are the “feet” that keep you grounded and safely get you from here to there, so don’t continue to run on bad tires or you may pay the price for such negligence.


Bad brakes can quickly turn into a deadly situation so if you suspect any trouble whatsoever then be sure to have them checked out. If you hear grinding, rubbing or any noises then see if you’re do for parts replacements.

Keep Tank Fueled

AT best, running out of gas can be inconvenient. You may miss an important appointment or be late for work. But sometimes running out of gas can turn deadly, particularly if you find yourself stranded on a dark highway and have to walk on a road with no sidewalk or shoulder. Many roads and highways are very dangerous for pedestrians, so much so that quite a few have laws making it illegal to walk on them. But if you’re stuck without gas what do you do? The key is to not let yourself get into that situation in the first place. Always keep fuel in your tank and remember that the older you car gets the less likely the fuel gauge is to be accurate. Don’t let such a simple oversight make you risk your personal safety.

Never Leave Children or Animals in Car

It’s a travesty that this warning needs to be repeated but children and animals die every year because of being left in a sweltering or freezing car. Some inner car temps get hot enough to fry an egg, so why on earth would someone subject a child they love to such adversity? But people do it all the time. Also remember that leaving children in a running car with AC is still not a good plan because, depending on their age they could end up taking the car for a joyride or you could have just offered the perfect getaway car for an abduction. Don’t learn this tragic lesson the hard way.

Park Safely

This rule applies particularly at night but can stand as a good reminder for any time of the day, really. No matter where you are remain aware, cautious and savvy as you choose your parking space. Make sure the area is well-lit and doesn’t have any large shrubs or other visual obstructions that a thief can hide behind.

These are just a few simple tips to help make sure that your driving experience is a happy and safe one – these warnings rarely make the news but they all add up to help insure the safety of you and those you love.

Dean Saliba

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