Keeping the Wheels of Commerce Running With Refurbished Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels which are typically made from aluminum or magnesium are a standard feature on high end cars and trucks in the United States of America. One of the reasons they are popular is they weigh significantly less than steel wheels, which are the original wheels provided in base model automobiles and trucks. Due to the advance of metallurgy, the casting process of aluminum has been modified and refined to incorporate some excellent designs in the alloy wheels.

Plus Points

While there were many teething problems when aluminum alloy wheels first came into the market, these were quickly sorted out and today’s aluminum and magnesium alloys are highly efficient, sturdy, and have excellent weight bearing capabilities. However, aluminum wheels were prone to tarnish quickly if they are not cleaned regularly, especially in harsh conditions on American highways and roads. To change or replace alloy wheels is a very expensive proposition, however, there are many outfits that can help by the alloy wheel restoration process. The lighter aluminum wheels were used in high performance cars because of the improved handling it provided, by reducing the weight of the car. This also helped in improved fuel consumption and a better braking process.

Man versus Machine

One of the best ways to do any kind of alloy wheel refinishing and restoration is to check with the experts of these outfits on how they propose to do the refurbishment. If the refinishing process is to be done manually, it could be expensive and long. Fortunately there are many robotic machines available in many shops that can do the refinishing process automatically without much human interaction, once it has been programmed correctly. Though there are many arguments about doing the wheel restoration manually, unless it is your own vehicle, it would work out pretty expensive in the long run for businesses.

Safety First

When breaking down the costs for any kind of alloy wheel restoration, labor costs come right on the top, especially if the work is done manually. By doing the same work with a robotic refurbishing and polishing cell, you save quite a bit of money and you get your wheels back in time. Another plus point in using this type of machinery is that the polishing and refurbishment is done evenly, making the aluminum wheel look like new. In heavy-duty trucks which carry a lot of weight, there is always a chance that the alloys are put under excessive stress and may result in the formation of cracks. The robotic repair system has been found to make the reshaping of deformed aluminum alloys easier as well as putting a nice shine on the wheel and rim after the repair work is completed.

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