Keeping Your Car Windscreen Clear

The windscreen within a car is the main point of visibility. During bad weather conditions it can cause issues that will reduce how much of the road you can see. Of course before setting off anywhere in a car, making necessary checks should be carried out before a key is put into the ignition to ensure your safety.

One of the quickest ways that Mother Nature can cause visibility issues is when it starts to snow. If heavy snowfall has landed on your car overnight then it will obviously need moving before you go anywhere in the morning. The mistake that many people make is to leave snow on the roof of the car, however once you drive away this could be very dangerous as it has the potential to slide down onto the windscreen. Snow is dangerous to drive in, and you should always make sure to have your wipers at the correct intermittence. Also ensure your mirrors and windows are fully cleared as you will need to look around more often, especially when moving lanes as it may take longer to do so if you are driving slower due to the road conditions.

Another thing which people tend to ignore is windscreen chips. If for example you decided to pour water from a boiling hot kettle over the windscreen to clear it quick, you may have just caused minuscule damage and not have realised. Chips often start out really small and when driving over rough surfaces and speed bumps can become larger and more of a problem. There are companies that will come and repair these for you, or simply have drive to your local garage. It is best to get it fixed as soon as possible before it becomes a real issue and you end up paying out lots of money for a new windscreen!

A final thing that I think is something people forget about is wiper blades. These are the primary item that clear your windscreen and make sure you have as much visibility as possible during rain, sleet, snow and hail. When they start to make the annoying squeaky noise, people just complain about it and then forget when the sun comes out. That is until the next time they come to use them during heavy rain and the wipers do not perform their job properly. You can easily change them yourself, ask a family member or friend, or if you are still uncertain of how to do it, take you car to a garage.

Ensure that your windscreen will be clear on every journey, as you never know what the unpredictable weather will bring.

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