Know the Drawbacks of Buying Used Cars From Private Sellers

If you are looking at used cars, you are probably trying to save some money while still having access to reliable transportation. You might have already seen that buying from a private seller is often cheaper than buying from a dealership. However, there are some downsides to taking this route. Get to know what kind of situation calls for you to purchase a car from a private seller and when you should buy from a dealership instead.

One thing to take note of is that most individuals only have one car for sale. This means you have to go to a different house for every car you want to check out. Chances are good that you will not buy the first one you look at, especially if you are picky. This means it can take days or even weeks to find the vehicle you want, which means you should not take this route if you are in a hurry to buy. If you need to make your purchase within a few days, you should head to a dealer that has numerous used cars for sale so you can see all your options in one spot.

If you plan to pay cash for your vehicle, going to a private seller might be fine. But if you want to finance, it can get more complicated. You would have to decide on the auto you want, and then go to the bank to get a loan. You would then bring a check from the bank to give to the seller. Clearly, this arrangement can take a little time based on both of your schedules, since it is unlikely you would be able to test drive a vehicle, get a loan from your bank, and then give the money to the seller all in one day. By contrast, it is typical to get a loan from a dealership’s banker the same day you pick out the auto you want to buy.

Of course, one of the main reasons many people opt to buy from a dealership is peace of mind. If an individual sells you a car that turns out to be a lemon, he or she could simply disappear before you can make contact to ask for your money back. But dealerships have reputations to uphold, which is why they often have guarantees and strive to offer good customer service. Therefore, you can simply feel more confident you will get good quality when it comes to used cars from dealerships.

Clearly, if you are in a hurry, plan to finance, and want to trust that your auto is in good shape, you should head to a dealer. On the other hand, if you can spend a few weeks looking at used cars and want to pay cash, you might enjoy the savings you will get by contacting some private sellers. Just be sure to have some extra money saved in case you need repairs right after you purchase the vehicle.

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