Life after a Road Traffic Accident In the UK

Every often there are stories in the media about horrific accidents and the helpless victims. You feel sympathy for them and their families for a moment. Then, you forget and move on with your lives thinking it can never happen to you. Unfortunately, every year in the UK, road traffic accidents are responsible for causing severe injuries, temporary and permanent disability, brain injury, loss of life, and several other injuries and complications. The fact is that when an accident occurs, your life can change dramatically in an instant. In a flash all that is familiar and all the everyday things that you take for granted now take on new significance and importance in your life.

Take for instance a single mother of two children on her way to work. She is about to cross the road. She has waited patiently for her turn to cross and it is now her turn to do so safely. Seemingly from out of nowhere a car smashes into the woman and she falls to the ground unconscious. An ambulance rushes to the scene of the accident a whisks her away. She awakes in the hospital full of tubes. She is told she has been unconscious for several days and has been the victim of a road traffic accident. She has lost both her legs and will never walk again.

Where does she begin to get some order to the chaos that is her life now? There is her job to consider. She can no longer work there as she can no longer carry out her duties. What about her bills, car payments, mortgage, and utilities? Her children are her most important priority. They have to be provided for and they have to go to school. She immediately wonders how they have been coping without her.

Amidst all these concerns are her medical bills and expenses that are just starting and will only continue to grow with each day that passes. The cost of hospitalization, surgery, specialists, treatment, and medication. She now knows that she must seek legal help and advice as it will be simply too much for to handle on her own. At the forefront of her mind is how long will it take and how will she survive in the interim. Her legal team must secure an interim payment for her to assist her in the meantime.

The length and cost of treatment for hospitalization after a road traffic accident differs according to the severity of the accident and the resulting injury. The medical bills are just a portion of all the expenses that she will face on the road to recovery and regaining her life.

Her home will need special ramps and lifts to enable her to freely move around. She will probably have to move as her present home cannot accommodate the necessary changes. She will need specialised equipment and access to twenty-four hour care in order to function effectively on the road, at work, if she can work, and especially at home.

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