Look After Your Tractor!

We have all noticed that a tractor tends to travel at very low speeds. We’ve certainly all been stuck behind a tractor on a country lane at some point in our lives haven’t we? Of course, we do understand, the tractor gives out high traction and will pull large objects and machinery so yes, we know it needs to travel a lot slower than we would like.

In fact, it is the tyres that actually cause the tractor to travel so slowly and in contrast to our annoyance, the farmer will be glad to see that there is a broad selection of different types of tractor tyre for each job or load.

Just like every tyre on any vehicle, the pressure of the tyre must be right in order to get the best performance out of the vehicle. If you fail to maintain your tractor tyre the reduction of efficiency will be even more drastic, not only will it be more difficult to direct and control the tractor but you will be carrying a heavy load on the back adding to the misfortune.

It’s suggested that a tractor tyre not fully inflated will lose over 40 per cent of the slip resistance and engine force. Essentially you will only really be using 50 per cent of the full power of the vehicle.

Now like we said earlier, there are a variety of tyres specifically for tractor use and in regards to the job the tractor will be performing.

The ‘350’ tyres will be primarily used in harvest jobs; designed for bumpy surfaces and uneven conditions. This type of tractor tyre will be perfect for any ‘general farming’ jobs.

Powerful tractors will use the ‘360’, these will provide outstanding grip and will have low inflation capabilities. One of the best features of this particular tyre is that they self clean.

A tyre that will be a lot more efficient when carrying heavy loads is the ‘370’ tyres. This tractor tyre is the largest tyre and will provide the most strength to your tractor.

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