A Look at Iconic Cars Throughout the Years

Most cars do not stay around forever which results in many motors coming and going out of the spotlight. However some are so magnificent and iconic that they are etched into the history of motoring even after the last model has come off its production line. Even better still some have been reinvented and still appear in today’s market. So here is a look at some of the greatest cars throughout history.


Arguably one of BMW’s best vehicles, the BMW M1 was the only and first mid-engined BMW which was mass produced. The racing car was originally intended to be created in a partnership between BMW and Lamborghini but after conflicts had arisen it was decided that BMW would produce the car by themselves, and what a success it was. In 2004, it was rewarded tenth place in the list of Top Sports cars in ‘Sports Car international’ of the 1970s.

The great German manufacturer has proceeded to deliver some great luxury supercars such as the BMW 7. Drivers have stated that it is a relaxing but dynamic driving experience. The wide range of intelligent technology such as the projection of the dashboard onto the windshield is sure to please.

Jaguar E-type

It’s coming up to Jaguar’s 80th Anniversary next year and there is lots to celebrate over! The E-type derived from a need to make a massive leap forward, and was first announced in 1961. Although it was similar to the XK120 from the 40s, its new sensation and spirit made it one of the most famous sports cars in history. Over the next thirteen years, seventy thousand E-types were built.

Now we can enjoy the luxurious Jaguar XKR Cabrio with an open, folding and fabric top. The stylish appearance matches the power and technical excellence of the Jaguar XKR. If you are looking for an even more sophisticated type of vehicle to hire, then the Jaguar XF could be for you. Although it has characteristics of a sports car, the luxurious business class cabin makes it a car of class and maturity.

Porsche 911

We have left the best till last here! The word ‘iconic’ is not used lightly with the Porsche 911. Its unique sound is designed to thrill, and has sustained the model’s life for over fifty years. In the motoring world it is unusual to keep a single production line going for so long, and this achievement is testimony to its pure excellence.

The Porsche 911 Turbo accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds which is just one of the many highlights of this car.

No doubt these cars will be remembered for many decades to come, and hopefully there will be some more great supercars which will be up there with the best.

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