How to Look After Your Luxury Car

If you have just bought your first luxury car, you are probably driving it around everywhere, showing it off. This is all well and good, but you are going to have to take steps to look after it.

When you have a luxury car, the thing that you have to worry about is that when it breaks, you will have to pay a lot of money for the parts. If you have a car like a BMW, you will have to send away for the parts. There will be dealerships near you, which will have a garage attached to it, but they may not have the parts just waiting there for you. Even they will have to order them for you.

Therefore, you might have to go a few weeks without the car whilst you wait for the part to be delivered. You should seriously consider maintaining the car and looking after it so you can prevent the bad breakdowns. Maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairing, so keep that in mind when you buy your first luxury car.


You should be checking the oil levels at least twice a week. If the levels are below minimum on the dipstick, then you should be filling it up. If the levels are above the maximum indicator, then you should be fine.

You should be checking your oil because the oil is the thing that makes sure everything is running smoothly. It traps dirt, keeps it away from the engine and makes sure everything is cool. If your car overheats, then you are going to break down and it could cause damage to the engine.

Brake Fluid

You shouldn’t have a problem with your brake fluid if the car is brand new, but once you have got a feel for how the car drives, you should be able to notice if anything goes wrong with the brakes. They might begin to feel spongy or they don’t work like they used to.

When you first get your car, your brakes will be very strong, but they will lose some strength after you have drove it for a few days. This is normal, but if you have to put your foot to the car before it starts to stop, then take your car to a mechanic straight away. You might be losing brake fluid.

Body Kit

If you have a body kit on your car, you might feel a bit reluctant to touch it because you have paid a lot of money for it, but you have to maintain this as well. You will have to check on it and make sure all the attachments are still flush against the car, especially if you have had a bump.

If you have bought the car body kit from the right company, and it is made to fit your car (if you have a BMW, buy one for a BMW that fits the exact model of the car) then you should only have a problem with it coming loose if you have a crash. You should have had it installed by a professional, especially if you have no knowledge of cars.

Then, you should be cleaning it just like you clean the rest of your car. Just because it might be made of different materials than the rest of the car, does not mean that you have to change how you clean your car. You can still put it through the car wash or wash it by hand with car wash soap. Furthermore, you can still shine it with wax as well.

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