Look Up There! Fun Things to Look for in the Night Sky

There is nothing quite like stepping outside in the evening and taking a look up at the sky. Depending on where you live really determines just how much you can see, but there is always a great deal of activity going on above you that you may never really get the chance to appreciate.

You may not realize it but there are fantastic things going on up in the night sky each night and many of them you are able to see without the aid of any type of telescope or other visual device. All you need is a clear space and the time to go out and take a look and you can see all of the wonder that nature puts forth each evening.


There are always plenty of stars that you can take a look at each night and you can even give yourself a basic lesson in astronomy so you know what you are looking at and where constellations and particular stars are in the night sky. You can get all kinds of information off of the Internet or through astronomy books that can help point this out to you.

The best place to really get a good look at the sky is to be in a clear area with fewer trees to block your night view. You also want to be in an area that has limited outdoor lighting so you can see things better, so if you can get away from the city lights in your area to a more remote location you will be able to view things better. There are also all kinds of special events happening in the sky pretty regularly that you can get a look at on particular days.

You can find out when meteor showers will be in perfect view in your area so you can see them cross the night sky. Check and see when different planets are more visible at particular times of the year so you can get a better look at planets like Mars and Venus. There are also different phases of the moon occurring all the time that can give you views of the moon that you may never have seen before, including times of a lunar eclipse. You can get all of this information from websites offering astronomy or meteorological information so you know just when the best times are to look and if you will need a telescope or binoculars to see things really well.


Something that many people find enjoyable is to check the night sky to see the International Space Station going by. There are particular times of day and times of the year when the space station is more visible than others and it depends on your location at the time, but you can get the information so you know when to look so you can see it for yourself as it moves along around the planet.


Having the best spot to do viewing is a key to all of this so you may have to do some driving to get to the best location nearest to you to see things. You can take your car or truck out to the best spots nearby that give you the best view at night. To do this, you want to have a reliable vehicle to get you where you want to go and Mountain View Chevrolet is the perfect Chevrolet dealer in Rancho Cucamonga for you to look at to find that new or used car or truck to take on your astronomical adventures.

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