How to Make Your Own Car Accessories

A lot of car owners choose to customize their vehicles using accessories that fit their lifestyles and driving ways. It is always possible to make practical car accessories yourself so that you can save money while ensuring that you have a unique ride all the time. In fact, you even have the option to minimize using chemicals in the interior of your car. You just have to choose your own kind of materials, colors and create items that suit your life and vehicle.

Accessorizing Your Car Seat

Seat covers provide comfort while you are driving and cover ripped, damaged or stained upholstery. You can make seat covers that require no sewing out of huge beach towels. The towel must be pinned to itself behind the car seat, underneath your towel making sure that the safety pins will not be visible. This is helpful for the absorption of heat. The cover does not stick or scrape your skin. Additionally, bath sheets are also likely to work. You have to measure around the seat’s widest part. Use a towel that is one inch wider so that you have a space to pin it. For bench seats of your truck, you can make use of a couple of towels, one tucked in your crease covering the seat and the other over your back rest. Utilize huge coveralls or large T-shirts and tuck their ends in the crease of your seat. For a retro-look, you can use cotton Indian bedspreads.

Organizing your Accessories

You need to minimize clutter in your car and make sure your trips are enjoyable by making use of organizers so that your sunglasses can music can easily be reached. Use a box like a gift box which is best for your iPod and CDs. You can cover the box with shelf-paper in print or solid color. To make your own iPod holder, you can use decorative rocks from a craft store and place them in the box’s bottom. Its weight is helpful in making sure it will not move from the seat. Take advantage of the box’s edges to hang your sunglasses over.

Cleaning Accessories

In order to keep your car clean, you can place a small wastebasket in it. Use a big can which is at least 8 inches in diameter and then cover it with vinyl shelf paper. To customize its look, you can add stickers to it. Place the basket in the floor on the backseat’s passenger side so that you can always easily get to it. Economize and live green. Make your own natural air fresheners by cutting lightweight cardboard into shapes. Soak this in a water and peppermint oil mixture. Use a hold puncher or ice pick in making a hole in it and place a cord through it and then look it over your rear-view mirror.

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