What Makes Hawk Performance Brake Pads So Great?

You love your car- you love to go fast too. That’s why Hawk Performance brakes exist: to allow drivers the ability to test the limits of their vehicles and live to tell about it. Performance brakes and brake pads are absolutely de rigeur if you demand high performance on the streets. From brake pads to rotors to calipers or complete kits, Hawk makes premium brake products for all sorts of driving applications. From street driving to the most punishing of racing conditions, drivers from all over the world trust Hawk Performance to make sure they brake every single time, without fail.

If every driver had the choice, they’d have premium quality brake pads produced by Hawk Performance because these are really designed for racing conditions. That means absolutely every single aspect of the pads are over-engineered to hold up under the most extreme braking conditions… over and over again. The sport driving industry is where much of the innovation, testing and inspiration come from- we wouldn’t have brake pads like these if we didn’t have the autocross world.

What do you get with Hawk Performance brake pads? Well, you get increased stopping power, of course. But what else do you get? A ferro-carbon formula creates an environment of ultra friction conditions so braking occurs without fail no matter how hard you hit the pedal. They claim 20-40% more stopping power over factory brakes.

You also get durability and long-lasting pads that won’t fade as much as factory brake pads. Fading creates brake dust, which is a whole other problem itself. Drivers definitely look for “low dust” pads when looking for performance brake pads. The pads will hold their high friction and high torque capabilities no matter what the temperature… hot or cold. The pads are also gentle on your brake rotors, meaning your rotors will last longer, too.

Hawk Performance brake pads are available for cars, trucks, import vehicles and domestic cars. All brake pads must be bedded-in against the rotors, please keep that in mind. This will protect the rotor and also maximize your brake performance.

Rotors from Hawk Performance

When you need performance rotors for your brake system, they deliver the finest design, quality, performance and durability you can find on the market. They’re also created with OE design, which means they’re made to fit with most factory installations. That translates into easy installation for your mechanic or whoever is upgrading your brakes for you.

Hawk Performance’s rotors are made with a unique alloy metallurgy which results in a top performing product. Thermal range is limited so that cracking is avoided. These rotors will perform even at high temperatures and will outlast other brands because of the unique alloy blend that Hawk Performance’s engineers have crafted, tested and perfected both in the lab and on the road.

Hawk Performance’s rotors also have something they call Quiet Slots. It’s how the slots in the rotor are designed, which is to reduce debris that results from wear and tear. The slots also reduce problems associated with difficult conditions caused by rain.

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