Maruti Suzuki Vs Hyundai – Which One Is Better?

Both Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have been trendsetters in their own right. While Maruti is known for making reasonably functional, fuel-efficient, low maintenance cost cars, Hyundai, on the other hand, have been lauded for making attractive looking, fully loaded cars and launching them at competitive prices. There is no denying that Hyundai has been Maruti’s closest rival in the country and both the marques have been involved in an aggressive tug-of-war to emerge as the segment leader. Just recently, Hyundai managed to usurp Maruti bread and butter car maker status with its impeccable EON. But Maruti Suzuki isn’t the kind of company to take defeat lying down. So it struck back with its all new Alto 800. Comparisons apart, both the marques have managed to get an equally strong foothold in the Indian market. Let’s check out the comparo between two of India’s big auto contenders – Maruti Suzuki vs Hyundai.


The competition has always been neck-to-neck between both the auto-car giants; so far the pricing is concerned. While Maruti Suzuki has always been a promising bet for the buyers, thanks to their value-for-money proposition, Hyundai, despite being a tad bit dearer, has managed to woo customers with their flair and features.


In a country where the buyers are obsessed with mileage, both Maruti and Hyundai cars sell like hot cakes. Isn’t that a good enough a testimony for both the brands? From entry-level hatchbacks to premium ones and even C-segment sedans, more or less all cars in their portfolio include fuel-efficient running machines that aren’t just easy on the pocket, but have lower running costs too.


Manga or Fluidic? This is one area where the fluidic flair of Hyundai has always beaten the Manga design of Maruti hands down. Fluidic, aerodynamic, vibrant and full of oomph, Hyundai stands second to none when it comes to car design. Maruti Suzuki cars, on the other hand, focus more on being functional and easy to drive than the looks. So if you are looking for a car that packs in oodles of oomph, you know where to look for?


Someone has rightly said, “Quality and quantity don’t go together.” Even before you pause to ponder over this statement, ask yourself one simple question – Would you go for a car that is high on quality but meager on equipment and features or opt for a car that is loaded with features to the brim but lacks finesse? Hyundai cars may not boast of engineering excellence, but are decent enough in terms of quality and packs in decent equipment levels too. Maruti cars too come with decent build and engineering and packs in standard features in their cars.

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