Mastrering the Techniques to Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain is very different from fair weather driving. When you find the roads to be wet, the tires lose their grip on the roads leading to get the perception reduced and get a better grip on the roads. Other vehicles, signs on the road and the road itself should be visible.

Wet weather can be a scary thought to every person in the car, even when you are in the supervision of your parents, the trip by the car can be very scary. Looking on the bright side, preparation to learning to drive in tricky areas, means you are better equipped to deal with them on your P’s, when it will be likely for you to get dealing with them alone.

A few basic tips will help to you drive through the new and stressful driving situations, that happen while you are driving on the road. Working together with your supervisor/parent or driving instructor will help you get through the list in almost no time:-

1. More travel time should be given to yourself. You can thus deal with a slower and safer pace, while coping with the probability of heavier traffic.

2. The headlights need to be turned on, even in light rain, to see and be seen.

3. Front and rear defoggers must be kept on to keep the windows clear.

4. The crash avoidance space must be increased.

5. It takes longer to stop in the rain, so the pace should be slower than it normally is.

6. Brakes must be applied earlier and with lesser force. The stopping distance between you and your car is thus increased, signaling the car driving behind you to actually slow down.

7. Drivers need to have a sharp lookout in regards to pedestrians. Rain is that time of the year when even the most attentive people can lose their attention span. Distraction to ordinary people can come out of sudden opening of an umbrella. Rushing out of the way to get wet, it is usually harder for people to hear the sound of your approach over the sound of the rain.

8. If the rains are stopping you, from looking at the car or road in front, and in case you are feeling too anxious, make sure you pull over and wait till the rain is down.

According to situations one has to adjust to the driving habits. You need to be more alert and focused.

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