Mistakes On The Road That Can Get You Pulled Over By The Police

Anyone can get pulled over by the police when they commit a violation or a combination of road violations. Irresponsible driving behavior, even if you fail to realize that you are being irresponsible can lead to serious trouble with the law. This is why it is essential that you educate yourself about the road laws in your state and use your common sense whenever you get behind the wheel. By being a reasonable and considerate driver, you can keep your driving record clean, avoid lawsuits and reduce the cost of your auto insurance.

Speeding And Ignoring Speed Limit Signs

This is the most obvious mistake any driver can make. As a road user, you need to pay attention to the indicated speed limits, including the points where there are changes to the speeding zone. When driving around in residential areas, opt to maintain a speed of 25 to be on the safe side, however avoid going too slow as well, because this can get the attention of the police and they will want to inspect you and your car. Highways will have posted safe speeds, so make sure you drive accordingly.

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

While it is crucial to never drink and then drive, it is also important that you avoid looking like you are driving under the influence. Drinking before you drive and drinking while you are driving is a recipe for disaster. In most cases, you may think that you are not impaired, but your actions will fail you as your reflexes will be slower than usual. However, you can also become impaired after taking prescription and non prescription drugs and then getting behind the wheel.

Once you are pulled over by police on suspicion of DUI, then fail the field the sobriety test, you will be arrested and charged for DUI. DUI charges can be severe based on your BAC or blood alcohol content, the circumstances of your arrest and the cause of your impairment. This means that you will need a well experienced DUI lawyer for your defense. In fact, according to The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates based in Texas, “If you have recently been charged with driving while intoxicated or with being behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs – there are no good reasons to keep waiting. Hire a lawyer”. Choosing to wait before hiring professional legal help will affect your chances of having your case dismissed or penalties reduced.

Using A Cell Phone To Call Or Text While Driving

There are many states and localities that impose strict cell phone use while driving and when a police officer stops you on the phone, you can get pulled over. Cell phone usage while driving has led to many accidents in the past as driver had been distracted while driving. Most of these accidents involved a driver texting while navigating a busy street or highway and speeding. If you really need to read and send a message, pull over.

Violating Driver’s License And Car Registration Requirement

Driver’s license and car registration must be updated accordingly to your state laws, as it is illegal to operate a vehicle when your license and registration are expired. However, if you have any reason that led to your failure to renew your license and registration, then make it a point to document the circumstances. The documentation must be kept in your car and presented to the police officer when you are pulled officer.

Violating Road Rules

As a road user, you need to know the road rules in your state and neighborhood. Simple road rules such as stopping for pedestrian in crosswalks are given great importance in many areas so you need to learn what they are and abide by them. Remember that being ignorant of the law is never a proper defense, so be careful to avoid violating any road rules.

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