Mobile Car Washing in Hawaii – Let’s Talk

Before retirement, I had franchised mobile car washing and auto detailing rigs. Over the years I had franchised and 23 states serving some 450 get the cities. One market I particularly liked was the Hawaiian market. Perhaps you might consider starting your own small business in Hawaii doing mobile car washing.

If you do there are some things you need to know, such as their strict environmental rules there, the issues with getting quality labor, and the types of customers you’ll need to have an ongoing successful business. Most importantly is to pick the right territories to work in; okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

There are three major markets I’d like you to consider; Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui. Let’s start with Maui because it is a smaller island; but also because there is a significant higher end crowd there willing to spend money on auto detailing. That means you can charge more money, generally cleaner nicer vehicles, and have steady weekly customers as well as high-end detailing at upwards of $200 a pop. The great thing about the Hawaiian Islands is all the salt air, people have to take your their vehicles or they will rust and corrode.

On the big Island, there is a decent amount of business in and around Hilo, and you will also find fleets of vehicles you can clean, and all the service trucks that work on the island. This fleet cleaning business can be quite worthy, and provide a good base for steady income. On the other side of the island is Kailua Kona and you will note that there are tourist areas, rental cars to clean, and many people living near golf course communities. It’s also a high-end crowd. Consider cleaning tour buses, taxi cabs, and vehicles for the locals that work in all these companies servicing that industry.

Oahu is by far the best market and island for mobile car washing. It’s also the largest concentration of people and also home to the famous Waikiki and Pearl Harbor military base. Again, there are plenty of tourist sector vehicles, and high-end neighborhoods all around the island. One thing I’ve noticed is that the labor is sometimes challenging, as people are living in paradise, and probably don’t want to work all that much.

However, once you find a good team and crew, you can literally clean up. There are some challenges certain times of the year with the weather, and depending on what side of the island you are on it could be raining or sunny. What we found is it’s best to merely go to a different side of the island if the weather is challenging where you are at. This makes for tricky scheduling, but it can solve some of the problems, and you had better plan it right, because fuel is very expensive there, the highest gasoline prices in the US in fact,

There is also plenty of fleet business on Oahu, potential military vehicles to clean, government vehicles, and once again people have no choice but to get that salt air off their cars if they want to have them last. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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