MOT: Avoiding A Rip Off

It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving and what condition your car may be; no one enjoys the dreading feeling of having to head to the local garage for their annual MOT test. We’ve heard all the horror stories; the multiple fails, the eye watering bill to fix any issues and of course the feeling of panic and anger you get when you realise your chosen mechanic might not have been entirely honest to you.

A lot of mechanics pride themselves on providing the best service and best prices possible as it is only this degree of customer satisfaction that will ensure a continuous trade. Unfortunately however there is a small percentage who operate with underhanded tactics and have incredibly questionable ethics that leave mechanics with a very tarnished reputation.

With this is mind it is only understandable that when it comes to an annual MOT, drivers can often be filled with dread and wonder whether they are about to be dragged into a nefarious situation that will leave them with nothing more than an immensely high bill!

If you are due your MOT and are wondering what you can do to ensure it all goes your way, then keep the following in mind…

  • False Failures – Most people don’t understand enough about cars to know whether the issues in question really are problem areas. In order to ensure that your lack of knowledge won’t be taken advantage of, do your homework. From customer reviews to finding a garage with the right accreditation’s, to asking family and friends for recommendations; the more homework you do the better chance you have of going with someone who can be trusted.
  • Never Go Alone – Unfortunately this counts, particularly if you are a woman as mechanics will generally believe that women are less knowledgeable. Whoever you are and however much experience you may have it is important to take someone with you, whether your plus one has the right knowledge or not, the additional support will ensure that if you are going to be tested by a new garage then it may be less likely that you will be taken advantage of.
  • Check It – Something as seemingly minor as an issue with your seatbelt or windscreen wipers could count against you during an MOT test. Consider giving everything a once over and try to take your vehicle in for your test, in the best state possible (a good clean will help too) as this may make a surprising amount of difference.
  • Stick With It – If you are worried about what might happen during a test then the best thing to do is to stay with your car. It is never ideal having to book time off work or finding your self stuck at the test centre when there are a million and one errands you could run but sticking with your car means being able to keep a very close eye on everything.

Heading in for your MOT test can always be daunting to even the best of us

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