Motorcycle Parts Differ Depending on the Type of Bike

You might be tempted to treat all motorcycle parts as the same because they all appear to have the same general frame and engine, however, don’t make that mistake. Motorcycles are significantly different, depending on their functions. It should be no surprise that a vehicle with a main job to travel a short distance at a fast speed has distinct components to one whose role is to be able to travel at lower speed but through rough terrain. Here are the different bikes that you may encounter and where their motorcycle parts may differ.

Street bikes are also known as sports bikes. These machines are optimized for speed, acceleration, braking, and making tight corners. For these models, you can expect to need motorcycle parts that consist of highly quality brakes and powerful engines. Unfortunately, these machines maintain their performance by sacrificing on fuel economy. Thus, you can expect these to have a much larger fuel reserve than other models. On the other hand, they are not generally used for long-distance travel; so many safety components are not present.

Dirt bikes are designed for off-road events. These machines are typically very light, which allows for easy maneuverability. Unlike standard models, these machines also have much simpler components. Features may include good suspensions, more durable construction, high ground clearance, and simple bodywork. The tires of these models are very different from standard tires and feature protrusions that allow for a more consistent gripping of the ground’s uneven surface.

Within the class of dirt bikes, there are also other varieties of models that serve specialized features. One example is the motocross style, which is a bike for short distances and obstacle courses. These bikes will usually have very small fuel tanks to maintain their compactness and lightweight. On the other hand, motocross machines do not sacrifice on speed and usually have a higher suspension, which allows them to travel at high speeds. Another type of dirt bike is the rally ride, which features a larger fuel tank and engine. This all shows you how even within one general category, there could be enough variations to dramatically change what motorcycle parts each model may require.

Motorcycle parts are also different for pedestrian travel vehicles such as scooters and mopeds. These machines have a smaller range of engines. They generally have enclosed bodywork. This feature allows them to travel more quietly and cleanly. Another interesting fact about scooters is that the engines are part of the swing arm so that they travel up and down with the suspension. These vehicles also have for more practical elements such as functional storage spaces and automatic clutches.

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