How Much to Ship My Car Overseas?

When shipping your car overseas, you are always going to strive to get the best deal, and that is understandable, but how do you know what you’re paying for is the right deal well in this short guide I will be helping you understand all of the different cost factors there are when shipping your car overseas.

When shipping your car over to another country the costs can vary drastically, and this mostly comes down to the destination you are shipping too and the way in which you decide to ship your vehicle. The shipping is usually done in one of two different ways the first being the more popular roll on/roll off, the reason behind its popularity is due to its ease of loading and the sheer amount of vessels that are made for this exact mode of transport. This allows the vessels to ship on a more frequent basis as well as allowing the costs to be a lot cheaper due to the amount of shipments being made.

The second option that is offered by most car shipping companies is container shipping this option usually costs a lot more than roll on/roll off, but the amount in which the price differs all comes down to the size of the container that you decide your vehicle requires, for instance there is a 20ft container and a 40ft container, you may even wish to ship two vehicles within one 40ft container to help save money. The main reason why this service costs so much more than the first option is due to the fact that you have a lot more security when shipping your vehicle within a container, you are also allowed to ship personal items within your vehicle while shipping by container unlike that of the roll on/roll off option, with container based shipping there is also handling fees and crane operation fees.

Another factor that comes into deciding the cost of your vehicles journey is the method in which you will be transporting your vehicle to and from the port, for instance some shipping companies will offer the use of trade plate drivers to come and collect your vehicle to take to the port for you. As you can imagine this process is not free so you may want to decide on this before shipping.

You will also have to factor in the costs of any documentation that you may require to have your vehicle exported into certain countries. All of these things factor into the overall cost of shipping your vehicle so you will have to make sure to understand all of the costs before you take that step in shipping your vehicle.

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