The Myths Of The MOT Test

An MOT is never exactly something fun; we are often filled with dread at the thought of our mechanic finding a million and one faults resulting in our car being labelled unroadworthy with only an eye watering repair bill able to change that.

We all know that there’s never really any fun in a MOT test but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is scary as it is made out to be! From rumours to myths to stories designed to fill you with dread; the world of MOT’s is no exception to falsities but how many do you believe to be true?

Unfortunately a number of these fabrications may have arisen as the result of questionable work conducted by questionable mechanics but there are more than a few genuine, honest specialists who will play by the book and ensure that your car is tested for everything it should be and not failed for something it shouldn’t be.

There are quite a few common myths surrounding the MOT test but below I have picked a few of my favourites that, no matter how convincing your mechanic may seem, are just not true…

  • Fog Lights/ Rear Lights – There is a common misconception that broken fog lights and failed reverse lights will result in a MOT fail but this is far from the case. There is absolutely no legal requirement for these to be tested and therefore you cannot fail your MOT test should these not be working.
  • No Insurance – Not directly related to the testing criteria but this is definitely something I had to point out; I have come across a number of drivers who are under the assumption that they do not need to be insured to drive to the garage for their MOT but that is most definitely not true! Yes it is permissible to drive without road tax as you cannot get road tax without a valid MOT but this has nothing to do with your insurance. Whatever the situation, it is illegal to drive anywhere without drivers insurance so don’t even attempt it!
  • Heating – No one likes a cold car and de-icing in the winter is never easy if your heating is not working but that is no reason to receive a fail. In fact, your heating shouldn’t even be checked in the test so if it isn’t working, don’t worry too much about it!
  • Legal Spare Tyre – Your spare tyre will only be checked as part of your MOT if it is currently not fitted to your car. A mechanic will only ever encourage you to have a valid spare tyre as it is simply common sense however you should never be failed for it.

Failing an MOT test is always a strain but are you aware of what you should and shouldn’t be failed for? There are countless brilliant, experienced and honest mechanics out there but for your own sanity and peace of mind, be sure you know everything there is to know to ensure that you don’t fall victim to those unsuspecting myths!

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