Need To Reduce The Cost Of Car Insurance For Your Vauxhall Corsa? Try Telematics!

It is no accident that the Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular first cars among young people in the UK. Not only is it possible to pick up one of these reliable, fuel efficient cars cheaply on the second hand market, but it is also reported to be the car with the lowest insurance premiums. That fact is a big draw for youngsters, who are often charged thousands of pounds for insurance in order to get their car on the road.

The Price is Still High

Unfortunately, even those young drivers who have chosen a small, sensible, affordable car like the Corsa to get them around town can face large premiums. If you are under 25 – or even if you are much older but have only recently passed your test – then you could find yourself being quoted prices that make your eyes water and leave a big hole in your bank balance.

Why is the price still so high? After all, you have done all you can – found yourself a safe and reliable car, and kept out of trouble during the short time you have been on the road – so why do the insurance companies need to charge you so much? The problem that you pose, from the insurers’ point of view, is that your driving ability has still not been proven.

Until you have been driving for a few years, the insurance companies are not able to tell whether you are a safe driver or a dangerous one, so they must resort to using statistical data to make assumptions about you. And, unfortunately, if you are a young driver, those assumptions are unlikely to be very favourable. Younger people have on average more accidents for every mile that they drive.

Telematics Insurance Provides a Solution

The solution to this problem is therefore to give the insurer more information about your driving ability. Telematics insurance policies use technology to provide exactly this information, with the result that you can potentially drive down your premiums over a very short period of time by driving carefully.

How Does Telematics Car Insurance for Your Vauxhall Corsa Work?

In order to take advantage of this type of cheap insurance policy, you will need to install a small black box in your car. This installation can be carried out in as little as an hour and will not damage your Corsa at all. Usually, the box is placed under the dashboard or in the front part of your car, under the bonnet, so you will not even see it as you are driving along.

The box then sends information back to your insurance provider about your driving habits. As well as accurately tracking your mileage, the box also records information that can shed light on how good a driver you are. For example, the box records how fast you are driving in various speed zones, as well as taking note of how quickly you accelerate, how sharp your braking is, and how quickly you take corners. Taken as a whole, this information can be used to build up a picture of your overall safety on the road.

The insurance company will then reduce your premiums if it finds that you are a safer than average driver. But be warned – if it turns out that you are not as good a driver as you think you are, your premiums could actually rise after the black box is fitted.

Benefits of Telematics Insurance

As well as giving you the opportunity to prove your driving ability and access cheaper car insurance for your Vauxhall vehicle, telematics insurance also brings a number of other benefits. Most insurers will allow you to log into an online account and view your own driving records, so you can learn about your habits from the data that has been gathered, and work on improving your own ability.

As an added bonus, many telematics insurance providers will use the technology to track your car if it is stolen, therefore improving your chances of getting your vehicle back.

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