Negotiating Effectively With a Used Car Dealer

The used car dealer is often thought to be synonymous with a scammer or a shyster. They are often believed to be dishonest and not professionals with integrity. However this is not always the case and when looking for a second hand motor vehicle you should not assume that all used car salesmen are cut from the same cloth. Some are very honest and hardworking people. To be on the safe side though you should always conduct thorough research.

It is the uneducated buyer who is most likely to fall prey to an unscrupulous used car dealer with dollar signs in his eyes. If an unsuspecting person with no prior knowledge of cars or of what he or she should be asking or looking for shows up on a used car lot and gets all of his/her information from a salesman then the potential that he/she will spend money needlessly is very much a concern.

Don’t let it happen to you!

You need to be diligent and very thorough when it comes to doing your research. You do not need to be a car expert but you need to have enough general information to know when a used car dealer is giving you misleading or false information. For instance some car salesmen will play up the advantages of a vehicle but then will try to downplay its bad points. Take the time to have a working knowledge of the vehicle you wish to purchase.

Doing research means perusing auto reviews as well as consumer reports to find out what the car has to offer, both on the up side and the down side. Learn about the specifications of the car you are interested in buying. The more you know and the more you make it known to the salesman that you know the greater the chance that you will receive the price that is within the right range for you.

When you come across an automobile that you want to purchase make sure you get its vehicle identification number (VIN) and then obtain a free car history report. Make sure that you use a reliable service to uncover whether the automobile has had any problems worth knowing about before you commit to buying it. AutoCheck would be a good service to use. If the used car dealer brushes aside any discussion about the benefits inherent in a car history report then you should be a little concerned and wary of his honesty.

When in the market for a used vehicle it helps to keep your options open and to not have a narrow mind. If you have educated yourself about a car and you have made use of a car history report then you can let the used vehicle salesperson know that his place is not the only shop in town but that you are aware of the fact that you have other options. Be friendly and polite about it but you also need to be firm about your position.

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