Nervous Drivers

It may be hard to believe but a huge number of drivers, both male and female suffer from nerves whilst driving their own cars or when travelling as a passenger in another car. There are many reasons for this fear and also many solutions. Being a nervous driver can be very frustrating for you and your passengers as it can cause friction. Knowing you are not alone with this fear may help you start to feel better. You can get help but you have to start by helping yourself. Remember there is no such thing as a natural driver, it is a term used to describe a good driver but as people we were never designed to sit behind the wheel of a mechanical vehicle. Our minds were designed to handle what we could see while walking or running. When you consider the fastest man in the world can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour and at this speed all he can think about is putting one foot in front of the other, how is it we expect to be able to react and control a vehicle moving at 50 miles/80 klms per hour if something goes wrong.

With the correct training a nervous driver can regain or gain confidence driving, and the nerves slowly disappear in many cases. Learning to drive correctly in a safe and controlled environment at any age is the best possible start for anyone. Driving lessons with a driving school are one of the safest methods to learn to drive. You will feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that a professional driver can guide you through best practice and take control of the vehicle if necessary while you learn your new skill. Regardless of age or gender if you need to drive a vehicle, you need to know how to control both yourself your environment and your attitude. Even though your nerves may not ever fully go, if you can get to a point where you no longer feel that your nerves are controlling you then you have achieved a lot.

Nervous drivers preparing for the driving test should practise in their car without any sound for a few weeks. Turn off your radio or music so that you can get used to driving in silence. You should also read the Rules of The Road book AT LEAST twice!! You will be surprised at how much more at ease you feel when you know the rules of the road and know what to do when confronted with other situations. This will help you in the test particularly the Reactions To Hazards section, one of the most common areas people fail.

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