Why New Pickup Trucks Are Better Than Old Trucks

When buying a car, the first question that pops in our mind is old or new? When you are unable to figure out an answer, you consider your budget and choose a car that meets your requirements. Though, the model of the car and the budget are important for narrowing down the process, it is always advisable to choose a vehicle that meets your needs. As old cars and pickup trucks are available at 1/4th price of their newer models, many are tempted into investing in used cars as they seem profitable, when on a tight budget. However old cars come with their own share of risks and expenses and a new one obviously costs higher for being unused. So what is better an old car or a new car? To help you in making a decision, here is a quick analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of investing in old and new cars.

A brand new car right from the showroom wouldn’t require much maintenance for several months, unless you are planning to drive it on a very harsh terrain. Even then the vehicle would require only a regular service to maintain its performance. On the other hand, a used car will breakdown several times and would require regular maintenance along with several additional expenses like change of batteries, brake system, replacement of wires, exhaust system, etc. Though used cars and pickup vans may appear brand new after remodeling, its internal parts being used scores less on performance when compared to new.

A new car is covered by warranty for at least the first three years of purchase. When a car faces issues during this period, it is the dealer and the manufacturer who deal with the expenses. While the manufacturer’s warranty covers most of the expenses during the initial few thousand miles, a limited powertrain warranty covers the entire expense including the labor charge for a new vehicle. However, the duration of the powertrain warranty is subjected to change in terms of brand, dealer, model and region. Some compact pickup trucks are covered under powertrain warranties that extend up to 100,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. While buying a used truck, its always important to learn about the history and their warranties, as some of them can be transferred to the second owner of the vehicle.

If you are planning to invest in used trucks, then by from certified dealers. Check their warranty details and history to know more about its working condition. The best part about investing in new cars and light trucks is the peace of mind you get after investing in them. With low maintenance and free on road assistance, new vehicles are virtually safe when it comes to investment. On an occasion of breakdown, some automakers also offer alternate transportation for making emergency deliveries. There are many small pickup trucks for sale in the market that exceed in performance compared to used trucks. Choose a desired truck that meets your needs.

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