Nissan Announce Plans to Re-Launch Datsun in Indonesia

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a particular Japanese car brand called Datsun that produced a range of slick-looking sports cars including the much loved Datsun 240Z – this car was so popular that you could even get the model scaled down as an option on the kid’s Scalextric model car racing kit sets.  If you loved this car back in the day then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the Nissan Company, who are the owners of Datsun, have announced that they plan to resurrect the brand in the emerging markets segment.

Being Japanese, Nissan is definitely a great fit in terms of trying to revive the Datsun badge, and they are taking this initiative in order to try to target what would appear to be the chance of increased and rising sales in India, Indonesia, and Russia.  The chief executive of Nissan is Carlos Ghosn and he says that the manufacturer plans to invest anything up to $400 Million US dollars over a 24 month period – which will also go towards creating many new jobs with plans to increase the staff in those regions two-fold within that very same period. 

New Datsun Badge Designed for 2012

It was all the way back in 1981 that Datsun ceased producing cars when they were initially taken over by Nissan, but this new plan means that the Datsun badge will now re-emerge, albeit with a slightly different look and feel.  Gone is the traditional Japanese “rising sun” design, and in its place a shiny new sleek looking motif which is more in-keeping with what a modern car manufacturer’s badge tends to look like. 

The CEO Carlos Ghosn has stated that the Datsun range will take a different route to that seen in the 1970s and 80s, with cars that are going to be more environmentally friendly rather than sporty – he told the automotive press that the brand would focus on a green and affordable car with the priority being the Indonesian market, in which Nissan already have an impressive market position of third highest-seller.  The Nissan strategy looks to build on their market share with a cheap multi-purpose car best suited to the driving trends and budgets of an Indonesian customer.

Nissan Plan to Expand Into South America Too

Nissan’s ambitions are not going to stop with the Indonesian, Indian, and Russian markets though, as there are even plans to push into Brazil – with projected sales planned to increase three-fold by 2016 in South America – which will be helped with the partnership due to be announced between Renault and Nissan. 

Personally I love the fact that the Datsun brand is having this re-launch, given the prestigious history associated with the name.  Datsun helped to put Japanese car manufacturers on the map when it comes to North American and worldwide car sales and was first established in 1932, and entered the US market in the 1960s.  There looks to be a current trend of resurrecting car brands from yester-year at the moment with this announcement following hot on the heels of the recent re-releases of the Chrysler Dodge Dart, Fiat 500, and Toyota 86.

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