The Economy and Your Car

Used cars for sale by owner continue to be a growing and profitable trend. As the economy continues to get worse and people are uncertain about their job security, more are keeping their used cars and paying them off instead of buying a new car. Everyone seems to be cutting back on all spending, trying to prepare for harder times, which makes great sense, because we are living in uncertain times. It seems things we used to think of as being secure are now at great risk. In my opinion it is a good thing in a way, we are learning to live within our means again, instead of maxing out our credit all the time.
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Ensuring That Your Tyres Are Suitable For Winter

It’s easy to understand that winter happens to be a pricey time of the year with lots of Christmas activities and dramatically increased energy costs as a result of trying to keep warm when the weather outside is cold. Plenty of people view winter tyres as an extra expense that they are unable to comfortably purchase and because they are not a legal requirement here in the UK like other Countries in Europe such as Germany, they never really seem to bother. Nevertheless, during the winter, appropriate tyres ought to be deemed as an investment in your safety – which is priceless and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In an attempt to cut costs, people often question if it’s OK to just fit just two winter tyres to a car. The answer is no! It cannot be mentioned enough how crucial it is to fit an entire set of 4 winter tyres to your auto. Fitting 4 winter tyres will improve the controlling and skid resistance in wintry conditions whereas installing just two can make your vehicle challenging to control and it may suddenly skid on ice and snow.

Fitting two tyres (that are made for the winter) to the front of your vehicle will result in the rear skidding. If you were to fit two winter tyres to the rear you might see your vehicle veer off course. If perhaps you’re still not convinced, you will find different video’s from tyre manufacturers on the internet that will show the dangers of not fitting a full set of appropriate tyres for the winter season.

While buying tyres for the winter is a big first investment, the overall price may not be as pricey as you first think. If you do fit these tyres, your summer tyres can last longer because they are not used as much and by having the right tyre for the weather conditions they will wear to a lesser extent. Also, providing snowfall isn’t too heavy, you are likely to be able to make it home and up hills in bad conditions rather than getting stuck on the roadside, unable to move with your engine using fuel to keep you warm.

If you would like to lessen your chances of skidding and being involved in a collision, fit 4 winter tyres, not just two. Having said that, not everyone driving around you will be so prepared so slow down and stay safe. Winter driving can be daunting, so preparing for it properly is very important and even though driving at this time of year isn’t pleasant, people still need to travel about in their vehicles.

Sheepskin Seat Covers, 5 Reasons They Are the Best Choice for Your Vehicle

You may wonder why anyone would consider sheepskin seat covers for their new or used vehicle. Although sheepskin seat covers were used in Europe for decades, they were not very popular in the United States until the 1970’s. It is amazing that with all the modern fibers available for automotive seat covers, sheepskin is still the best choice. The natural fibers continue to provide several benefits. When you think of sheepskin, warm and cozy is the first phrase that comes to mind, but sheepskin seat covers offer much more then that!

It is not difficult to imagine how those in the old west found themselves in need of a little tushy cushion. After all, can you imagine bouncing over the undiscovered countryside on a hard wooden seat of a covered wagon? Not only would the hard surface jar your body incredibly, but there was always the surprise sliver from the old wood. Who knows where that could end up?! Not to mention riding in a hard leather saddle for days on end. Even in those days, they knew there had to be a better way! Many found an easy remedy to their sore “bottoms” in a simple sheepskin pelt or a lambskin seat cover. Cushioning the ride and relieving pressure points were among the many benefits of covering the wagon seat or the saddle with a sheepskin pelt. No more sticky sweaty leather, no more hard splinter riddled wagon seat. Instead, they rested on the comfort of a soft, dirt resistant sheepskin pelt. And so, the tradition began, reducing the harshness of travel with soft, breathable, bacteria resistant sheepskin.

In our day, of course, we have far less to worry about! And yet, to make our traveling experience more comfortable we can still rely on the comfort of a custom made sheepskin seat cover. Sheepskin is still warm and cozy, protects from those frigid mornings when the car seat feels like ice. But it is also cooling on a hot summer day. No more hot sticky seats. The wool’s hollow fibers allow air to circulate and keep the driver or passenger comfortable in any weather. Sheepskin contains lanolin to reduce irritation and keep skin soft and moisturized.

Sheepskin seat covers still help relieve the pressure points in the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Providing travel without friction or aching muscles. To add to these three benefits the thick luxurious fibers protect the vehicle’s upholstery from wear and tear. The sheepskin seat cover can actually preserve the value of the car by keeping the seats looking like new!

Not only do they keep your body comfortable, they significantly reduce the amount of static electricity. Synthetic seat covers are the insulators of 100% electrical charge. So, if you slide out of your car at work and notice your hair is flying every direction and skirt or pants is clinging for dear life – now you know why. There is not static electricity associated with sheepskin seat covers.

Remarkably, sheepskin seat covers will keep their luxurious appearance for a very long time. Wool fibers actually shed dirt and are incredibly easy to maintain. Simply put, they will clean up with basic gentle dish washing detergent. It is easy to spot clean any spills or messes away. After months or even years, if the sheepskin needs freshening, they can be removed, spot cleaned, hung outside for freshness and then dried on the air fluff cycle. The wool fibers will renew their luster and remain useful for years to come.