Sheepskin Seat Covers, 5 Reasons They Are the Best Choice for Your Vehicle

You may wonder why anyone would consider sheepskin seat covers for their new or used vehicle. Although sheepskin seat covers were used in Europe for decades, they were not very popular in the United States until the 1970’s. It is amazing that with all the modern fibers available for automotive seat covers, sheepskin is still the best choice. The natural fibers continue to provide several benefits. When you think of sheepskin, warm and cozy is the first phrase that comes to mind, but sheepskin seat covers offer much more then that!

It is not difficult to imagine how those in the old west found themselves in need of a little tushy cushion. After all, can you imagine bouncing over the undiscovered countryside on a hard wooden seat of a covered wagon? Not only would the hard surface jar your body incredibly, but there was always the surprise sliver from the old wood. Who knows where that could end up?! Not to mention riding in a hard leather saddle for days on end. Even in those days, they knew there had to be a better way! Many found an easy remedy to their sore “bottoms” in a simple sheepskin pelt or a lambskin seat cover. Cushioning the ride and relieving pressure points were among the many benefits of covering the wagon seat or the saddle with a sheepskin pelt. No more sticky sweaty leather, no more hard splinter riddled wagon seat. Instead, they rested on the comfort of a soft, dirt resistant sheepskin pelt. And so, the tradition began, reducing the harshness of travel with soft, breathable, bacteria resistant sheepskin.

In our day, of course, we have far less to worry about! And yet, to make our traveling experience more comfortable we can still rely on the comfort of a custom made sheepskin seat cover. Sheepskin is still warm and cozy, protects from those frigid mornings when the car seat feels like ice. But it is also cooling on a hot summer day. No more hot sticky seats. The wool’s hollow fibers allow air to circulate and keep the driver or passenger comfortable in any weather. Sheepskin contains lanolin to reduce irritation and keep skin soft and moisturized.

Sheepskin seat covers still help relieve the pressure points in the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Providing travel without friction or aching muscles. To add to these three benefits the thick luxurious fibers protect the vehicle’s upholstery from wear and tear. The sheepskin seat cover can actually preserve the value of the car by keeping the seats looking like new!

Not only do they keep your body comfortable, they significantly reduce the amount of static electricity. Synthetic seat covers are the insulators of 100% electrical charge. So, if you slide out of your car at work and notice your hair is flying every direction and skirt or pants is clinging for dear life – now you know why. There is not static electricity associated with sheepskin seat covers.

Remarkably, sheepskin seat covers will keep their luxurious appearance for a very long time. Wool fibers actually shed dirt and are incredibly easy to maintain. Simply put, they will clean up with basic gentle dish washing detergent. It is easy to spot clean any spills or messes away. After months or even years, if the sheepskin needs freshening, they can be removed, spot cleaned, hung outside for freshness and then dried on the air fluff cycle. The wool fibers will renew their luster and remain useful for years to come.

Getting the Most Out of Car Transport Companies

If you are planning a move from one coast to the other one obstacle that may arise is how to get all the household vehicles to that destination. This can become more challenging when there are numerous cars to consider. The option of driving from one coast to another may not be a feasible one since it can take close to 45 hours of straight driving time. Due to these reasons many people have begun to look for professional help in transporting their cars and trucks. Car transport companies provide a method that will ensure safe delivery of your car in a timely manner.

When you start looking at car transport companies one thing that you will want to look at are the options that are presented by each company. If you have a classic car or even a car that is brand new one option to consider would be to find out if that particular company has an enclosed trailer that can be used for the transport. An enclosed trailer will prevent any damage that may occur when driving such as flying debris, dirt, weather elements and numerous other driving hazards that we are faced with on the open road. Ask the company about this option and see what additional costs may be present by using this.

Since all the car transport companies have different polices and regulations be sure to read the fine print and ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Understanding what one needs to do in order to have their auto shipped will make the entire process run smoother. Some companies will require that your car has a certain level of gasoline in the tank and others do not have this requirement at all. Also find out if your car needs to be empty or if you can use your car as an additional place to store boxes and the like.

Planning ahead can also go a long and can help you to get the most out of car transport companies. Some of these auto transport carriers may offer a discount for booking early or at the very least booking early will secure spot and this can be very useful during the busy times of the year. Lastly, be sure that you do a little research on the company you have chosen and make sure that the company has a valid toll free number. If the business does not provide one with a customer service number think twice before handing over the keys to your precious auto.

3 Reasons to Try Retread Tires

As technology continues to improve in all parts of the automotive industry the use of retread tires has became a big part of today’s auto industry. In the past 10 years the price of new tires has skyrocketed. With this being said, many companies are selling alternatives at a fraction of the price. So this puts people in a dilemma with the question: Is it better to get good quality tires which are retread or is it best to go with cheaper, less safe models? Many people feel that going with retread is the better option. Here are 3 reasons why they are a good choice.

Price: The number one reason that people buy retread tires is the price. With inflation on the rise, the price of a good set of tires can easy be over $1,000. This is a huge amount of money for many people and many simply don’t have this extra money to spend. With a retread, a company adds a fresh coat of rubber to an existing tire and redoes the tread. After this occurs, it is put through safety tests to ensure the quality and safety of the “new” model. The great part of this process is that technology advances in the tire industry get better each and every year, thus making a retread tire look and perform like a brand new tire. Not only this, but you can get these at a fraction of the price.

Brand name: Retread models are used by all major companies. When looking at it, no one will be able to tell that you have a retread tire, unless they are told. Also, this new tread tends to perform at nearly the same level as a brand new tire of the same brand. The technology advances enable these tires to perform under all conditions and the retread tires sometime even perform better than a brand new tire of the same model.

Durability: While many people may be scared off by the term “used tires” or “retread tires” they need not worry. Adding the new tread to these tires is equivalent to a total makeover to the tire as not only is new rubber added, but the tire is tested for safety and any other unseen blemish will also be removed. The general consensus for people who have purchased retread tires is that they are just as good as new, but at a way lower price.

Those are three good reasons to try retread tires if you had any issues. Not only have the latest technological advances made retread tires perform and feel like brand new tires, but the low costs make it worth it for the consumer.