Picking the Right Car Dolly

Car dollies are a great tool for a variety of uses related to towing cars or vehicles, but they are unique and different catering for particular specifics and features. If you’re thinking of buying, you should buy one that fits your needs and is value for money. Firstly, it’s important to know about the different categories of dollies.

Converter dollies have one to three axles and are designed to connect to a tow-bar on the back of the truck or trailer which would be in front. Converter dollies can be either an A-dolly, which has a single draw-bar and a centered coupling, or a C-dolly which has two distinct couplings alongside. Another type of dolly is a low loader dolly, that is usually fitted with two axles and has a goose-neck type draw-bar whereby the fifth-wheel coupling is connected to the back of the prime mover, so that mass is distributed evenly on the fifth on, held between the prime mover and the rest of the wheels of the dolly.

One other categorization is that of a simple dolly and a tow dolly, the former is basically a trailer in itself which can be connected with another trailer or truck, while the latter is specifically used to tow a front-wheel drive suspension car behind a larger vehicle.

To put these words into a more practical context, the kind of dolly you will choose to get is influenced by the kind of vehicle you have i.e. four-wheel drive, rear-drive or an all-wheel-drive. Since most car dollies are made for a front-wheel drive, it is going to get harder to tow a vehicle that isn’t and it may require additional configuration or accessories. It is a wise idea to speak to the manufacturer for information on whether using a tow dolly is appropriate for your vehicle or should you instead defer to towing the vehicle four wheels up. If not the manufacturer, you should contact at least one local towing service and get their advice and possibly their assistance in operating the car dolly.

A significant factor besides the compatibility of the vehicle may be the weight of it. They themselves weigh a lot and if the vehicle being hauled is also heavy, so you may either forsake it for a better one or buy additional accessories such as brakes and safety equipment. Again, a towing service or the manufacturer may be able to advise you the ratio of the weight of the tow dolly to the car itself. With these factors in mind, one can wisely purchase one and prevent accidents or mishaps.

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