Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels: Do It Yourself Vs Professional

Alloy wheels are a favorite with many truck enthusiasts. Many drivers put aluminum wheels in their trucks because it gives a nice look to it; they are lightweight and are also not too expensive. Their performance is also much better than their steel counterparts. This is the prime reason why a lot of people tend to fix aluminum wheels in their trucks.

Maintaining Aluminum Wheels in Trucks:

Though having aluminum wheels makes the trucks very attractive, maintaining these wheels is a little tedious and time-consuming process. Cleaning Aluminum Truck Wheels needs a lot of patience and wheels must be thoroughly cleaned if they need to be in their pristine conditions. First they will need to be removed from the truck, then cleaned and checked for dents and scratches and then polished. The remounting takes place after all this has been done.

The biggest advantage, however, of this tedious work is the fact that it can be very easily done at home and if you have the right resources, you can get it done in a jiffy. At the end of the whole procedure, you will see that the wheels have been restored and have a mirror-like sheen to it.

Step by Step Process of Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels:

The process of cleaning is simple and all the supplies are easily available. You can easily buy Aluminum Wheel Polisher from the nearest hardware store and get down to work. The first step involves collecting a lot of rags and terry cloths for polishing the wheels. These need to be collected and kept and the rags should be changed at every instance.

The second step would be to take the wheels and its accessories off the truck. Only if you do this will you be able to clean the truck in a much efficient way. All the accessories should be removed so that the polish can get to every nook and cranny of the wheel.

Heavy-duty scouring pads are very efficient and can act as a good scrub to wipe off all the dust and grime that has gotten into the wheel of the truck. Once you are able to clean this, the surface area where you can get your polish will increase and you will be able to varnish your wheels better. The next step after the cleaning would be to apply an oven cleaner which would be able to act as Teflon. After 20 minutes or so, it can be wiped off and the wheels can be cleaned with water again.

Once you have dried the wheel with the leftover rags, you can now apply the polish to clean your truck better. If there is water on the wheels, the polish will not reach the wheel set and it becomes difficult to get that mirror-like sheen.

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