Prepare For RoadCheck and Avoid the Hassles

Road-check is an enforcement program conducted to inspect commercial vehicles. The officials inspect around 14 trucks on an average per minute, for a 72 hour period. Additionally, there are around 10,000 federal, state, provincial, and local officers involved in the inspection of the vehicles almost all throughout America, Canada and Mexico. During this year ‘Roadcheck’, the focus was mainly on the brakes of the vehicle along with driver’s fatigue to help prevent accidents. Surely, truck drivers undergo lot of pressure along with the urgency to transport goods. But, there are essential factors they should keep in mind. Reading this article will help drivers prepare for the ‘RoadCheck’ and avoid any hassles.

Maneuvering through the crowded streets and maintaining the safety rules is not that easy, as it might sound. In addition, the nearing of the holiday seasons leads to increase in traffic along with the reason to take risks and cause accidents. The main reason for organizing ‘RoadCheck’ for commercial vehicles in the U.S. is to keep accidents at bay and the tips have been discussed below.

Pre-Inspecting the Vehicle:

It is advisable to pre-inspect the vehicle before and after placing the load. Besides, it is important to adjust the mirrors and set them properly for proper viewing of the vehicles. Pre-inspecting vehicles like trucks can save one from major complications and repair the damaged parts.

Maintain Distance When Driving:

To drive safely it is important to maintain proper distance with other vehicles. Adjusting the mirrors regularly can help drivers maintain distance. Giving enough space to drivers when driving can reduce accidents besides, creating a positive impression on the inspection officers.Avoid Driving Distractions:

Avoid Driving Distractions:

Texting, speaking over the phone, eating, etc. are driving distractions that cause accidents. Doing ‘RoadCheck’ helps commercial drivers follow the safety rules and avoid the distractions. Keeping in mind these essential tips and advices makes it easy to pass the ‘Roadcheck’.

Buckle Up for Safety:

There is no excuse for not wearing seat belt, as it is the basic rule of driving and not following the same can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it the first and foremost things that every driver should do even if there is no ‘RoadCheck’ happening.

Not only the safe driving tips but also it is important to follow the necessary vehicle inspection tips, as mentioned below.

Fuel & Exhaust Systems:

To avoid hassles during inspection, ensure checking the fuel tank to find leaks, loose-fitting caps, loose mounting, etc. Ensure repairing the damage to stay away from inspection hassles.

Securing the Cargo:

Another thing to keep in mind is ensure taking safe cargo besides, securing the load properly to avoid falling. Inspection officers might check the load carried by the driver for a better understanding and it is good to know what they are carrying.

Tires, Wheels, & Rims:

It is advisable to inspect the tires, wheels, and rims of the vehicle with detailed attention. These things should be inspected to check if there are cuts, damages, or cracks, which can cause accidents. ‘RoadCheck’ inspectors might check these things along with others such as steering, trailers, brakes, etc.

Following the aforementioned pointers can help commercial drivers keep problems at bay and help them have happy ‘RoadCheck’.

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