Preparing Your Car for a Car Show

What are car shows?

Car shows are like conventions where people hire a spot, park their car in that spot and then open the car up for customers to look inside the car and tell you how great your car is. They are all about showing off your car and feeling proud about the car that you have.

There are all sorts of car out there. The most popular ones are muscle car, movie shows, old car shows and even American or British car shows.

You will have to pay for a spot in some popular shows, but they are for people who make money off their vehicles. If you have ever seen American Hotrod, then you will know the people who attend these type of shows. If you are a beginner and just looking to show off, then aim for the shows where you will not make money.

The shows do charge customers an admission fee, but the money goes to the owner of the land or the arena. You won’t get a cut of the admission fees. Some shows will let visitors in for free when a certain time is reached. If it is an hour before closing time, they are not going to charge to get in because they will lose visitors.

How should you prepare your cars?

Now, you have picked the car show and it is a week before the show is on, how are you going to prepare your car?

1. Clean it – You should put the car through the car wash, or clean the car yourself. You don’t want to go to a show and have your car looking worse for wear. If there are any scratches on the car, get them sorted before the show. You wouldn’t turn up for a night out looking like you got out the wrong side of the bed. So, you shouldn’t be turning up to the car show with a car that looks like it has been speeding through a field.

2. Interior – Make sure the interior has been cleaned and hovered. Remove any personal items from the car because you might let strangers sit in the car and you won’t want them having a look at whatever you might leave in the car. Not that you get the type of person who would steal, but you will never know. Just have the car handbook in the car and some details about how you came to own the car. Everything else should be out, even the glove box should be empty.

3. Serviced – Get your car serviced about a week before the show. This is so you can get anything fixed if it is broken and you can make sure everything is in a good working order. It would be highly embarrassing if you turned up and someone asked to hear the engine and your car didn’t work. You should choose a garage that you trust. A good MOT garage should be fine because they will look at everything for you and double check things are working fine.

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