Prepping Your Car for Sale

Whether you are relocating to a different country or just plain tired of seeing the worn-out junker parked in your driveway, you possibly know that it’s about time to bid adieu to your four-wheeled friend. And what better way to do that than begin by prepping it up adequately for sale. After all once you have made up your mind to trade off your car, it only makes sense for you to want to maximise the return on your investment.

Your Car Is As Good As It Looks

If you got to sell a car, it’s got to look spick and span! There can be no other thing more off-putting to a buyer than a dirty, heavily soiled car. Wash, wax and vacuum clean your vehicle inside out before you put it up for sale. Take care to airbrush the rock ships, scrapes and scratches as well as well as fix the minor dents on your car’s body. Remember, the better and cleaner your car looks, the higher the chances of getting a good deal. You can do it all by yourself or seek professional assistance to clean the interior, exterior and engine.

Take Care of the Obvious Damage

Most buyers inspect a car thoroughly before closing a deal. To avoid any embarrassing surprises, just have the mechanics and essentials of your car thoroughly checked beforehand. Fix or replace all the broken items. Restore burnt-out lights or fuses and check and fill up the fluids. Also, write down the estimated of the cost of the repair to be later used as a negotiating tool.

Check the Accessories

If you wish to get the best deal on your car, take care to check the accessories in detail. Ascertain that all the seat belts, the windshield wiper blades, the lenses and headlights function properly and that there are no obvious holes in the seats.

Windshields and Tyres

Thoroughly check your front and rear windshield for cracks. Consult a window specialist if the crack is too large to be fixed on your own and find out a cost-effective way to fix the damage.

Finally, before putting your car for sale, just look to it that your car is equipped with a decent set of tyres with some tread life. Tyres must be the proper size and suited for the vehicle. If you are selling off your car to a dealer, then ensure that the tyres are in a good enough condition to avoid unnecessary deduction during car appraisal.

Keep the Service Records Handy

Keep the records in order for your prospective buyer to glance through. Doing so won’t just instil confidence in them, but also assure them that the car has been serviced at the right intervals and have been well cared for. You can approach your service dealer for a complete maintenance and service documentation.

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