The Price of Motoring Offences

With fuel cost at an all-time high, road tax, insurance, maintenance and MOTs to consider running a car may seem sometimes like an expensive habit although necessary for many to get to work and for family activities. Not adhering to the rules, regulations and legal requirements when driving however may cause you additional costs as well as pose a danger to yourself or others.

For example:

  • Being distracted at the wheel by talking on your mobile phone without hands free, shaving, applying make-up, eating, drinking and even reading while driving are all things which police have caught drivers doing and have fined them.
  • Littering, for example dropping items outside of the car is also an offense which could cost drivers time, money and possibly even points.
  • Do you find yourself going just over the speed limit more often that you should? Police take a dim view on speeding and with camera and mobile units on the lookout more and more people find themselves receiving a penalty notice.
  • Not securing children properly in a car, either not using a car seat or using an inappropriate seat for the size and age of the child is another legal requirement which sometimes gets ignored and costs drivers money in fines as well as endangers their passengers.

There are a number of legal requirements which drivers must follow if they wish to stay on the right side of the law and the onus is on the driver to know what these are and ensure they act appropriately.

The cost of a motoring offence ranges from a fixed penalty notice or fine to serious prison time if prosecuted for dangerous driving which results in someone being hurt or killed. How much you pay for minor offences and parking infringements depends on the area you live in however fines are not the only costs to a motorist in the long term.

Those caught speeding may need to attend a speed awareness training course in order to be educated about the reasons for adhering to speed limits and this may cost drivers in terms of lost time and time off work.

Motoring offences when you use a vehicle for work could cause you to receive sanctions from your work place and in some cases lose your employment if you are disqualified or offences make you too expensive to insure on company vehicles.

Penalty points may be placed on your driving licence in response to being caught breaking the rules of the road and these affect both how much you will have to pay for your insurance, who will be willing to insure you and twelve points or more over a period of three years will result in a driving ban for anywhere from six to twelve months. Drivers who have held their licence for under two years who receive six points within this time will have their licence revoked and will then have to retake their tests again after a period of time before being allowed back on the road.

Endorsements and points, higher insurance costs, fines and of course the risk of damage to a vehicle or passengers means that not adhering to legal requirements when driving could work out very costly indeed.

Maintaining your car and having suitable breakdown cover and plans in place in the event that something goes wrong such as putting the wrong fuel in your car are all pro-active steps to take to keep the cost of motoring down. Be similarly pro-active in making sure that you are up to date with current motoring legislation and follow the rule in place so that you remain safe on the road and eliminate the risk of additional motoring costs.

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