How to Program Your Garage Remote

I recently received a question about programming a garage’s remote control door opener. I turned to an expert in the field who operates a parts installation business. She installs all sorts of remote control gadgets, from shaved door popper kits for cars to remote garage door openers. Here is her advice:

A garage door opener remote essentially saves you the labor of opening or closing the garage door yourself. You can do it conveniently from the safety of your car with just the touch of a button. You can buy these little devices from the garage door supplier or at a big-box store. Sometimes, older garages get retrofitted with new garage doors and the homeowners install new openers at that time. Many come preprogrammed, but if not, you can program it yourself without too much difficulty.

1. The garage door opener’s main overhead unit comes equipped with a button labeled “Learn” or something similar. The location is model dependent; it might be on bottom or the side of the unit. Place a ladder underneath the button so you can access it.

2. With the remote control in your hand, climb the ladder and press the “Learn” button.

3. The light-emitting diode on the unit will start flashing and you might also hear a beep. This tells you that the overhead unit is ready to be programmed. Do not get too excited at this point and lose your balance on the ladder!

4. Your remote control will present you with a choice of buttons to use for opening and closing the garage door. Select whichever one you want. Now, working quickly, press the selected button and release it. Normally, you have about half a minute between pressing the overhead unit’s “Learn” button and pressing the remote button. If you wait too long, you have to go back to Step 3.

5. Eventually, the LED indicator on the overhead unit will stop flashing and you’ll hear another beep. This tells you “mission accomplished”.

6. Carefully climb down the ladder and move it out of the way.

7. Test the remote control unit by pressing the selected button and observing the door response. If nothing happens, go back to Step 1.

That’s all there is to it! The garage door opener remote comes with instructions that may vary from what is explained here – always follow those instructions carefully. If you can’t get the control to work properly, place a phone call to the manufacturer for more detailed advice.

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