Protect Your Car From Dents and Dings

We constantly battle rude and careless drivers or what you may term as road bullies. Road bullies can make your driving experience your worst nightmare-swerving and unexpectedly changing lanes. They may cut into your lane unexpectedly, or return to their lane even before they completely overtake you. The parking areas have also been the cause of agony for many car owners. Parking space is limited and more so, many car owners recklessly fling their car doors open, slamming them into your car and causing dents. There are several ways you can protect your car from dents and brings. Here are some of those ways.


You should always be extra cautious while you are on the wheel. You should not only focus on the car in front of you, but also on the road horizon to help you assess the road situation ahead and react in timely manner. This will help you avoid bumping into cars ahead of you. You should also be extra cautious when changing lanes. Changing lanes carelessly can result in accidents. You should be on the lookout for last minute lane changers who will dart in to your lane abruptly. You should slow down and let them cut in. Lane changers cause numerous dings and dents on your car. You should also learn how to swerve fast in case of emergencies where it would not be prudent to brake. Also, it is always good to assume that other drivers are bad or reckless, and keep maximum possible distance from them.

There are many ways you can use to protect your car from dents and dings in parking lots-from changing your parking behavior to purchasing some protective gear for your car. Let us start by analyzing how you can change your parking behavior. It is advisable to park your car at corner slots, and make sure that you have maximized the distance between your car and the one beside. You should avoid parking under trees as branches of trees can break off due to wind and cause dents and dings to your vehicle. You should always park furthest in case of large parking areas. This will reduce the likelihood of another vehicle parking beside you.


If the only option available is to park your car between two vehicles, you should park at an opposite angle to them. If the distance is less, you can park close to one of the vehicles. This will reduce the impact the car door may have on touching your car. Never double park your vehicle!

Protective gear may also help protect your car from dents and dings. You can acquire automatic parking locks and barriers that can help you secure your vehicle. Bollards may also be useful in deterring other cars from parking close. They may be permanent or collapsible, depending on your preference. You can also purchase wheel stoppers. Wheel stoppers are important in clearly specifying your parking space. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Other important gear that you should always have in your car is the traffic cone. This comes in handy in case your vehicle suddenly breakdown in the middle of the road.

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