Purchasing Your First Car – Things to Remember

Whether it’s a spur of the moment decision or that years of battling through public transport have finally taken its toll or maybe it’s always been a dream you’ve had since before you could even drive, buying your first car is an important step to take. So when the time comes to make the purchase, there are few things you need to keep in mind when you start looking for the right one for you.

  • Driver’s licence – before you even start to think about car shopping, ensure that your licence is up to date. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they renew their licence before the expiry date as penalties apply to drivers without a valid document. Make sure you also read up on any new driving rules that may have come into effect and take the time to consider your choices about organ donation.
  • Professional opinion – if you’re purchasing a second hand car, it’s highly recommended you seek a professional opinion from a mechanic to ensure there’s nothing wrong with the car that the seller is not telling you about or may not be aware about themselves – a little money now could save you a lot in the future. If possible, for both new and used cars, you should try to test-drive the car more than once in different conditions, such as when it’s raining. This way you’ll know how the car handles in a number of scenarios before you make a final purchase decision.
  • Finance – if you need help purchasing your first car, look into auto loans. Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and the other capital cities will offer you many options. There are car loan options suitable for everyone – whether you’re buying a hatchback, an eco-friendly hybrid or a people mover – look around to find the loan that best suits your needs.
  • Registration – if purchasing your vehicle second hand, ensure the registration is up to date. Unregistered vehicles incur monetary penalties for both the driver and the owner of the car.
  • Insurance – like unregistered vehicles, uninsured vehicles also attract financial penalties. Compulsory third party insurance (CTP) as the name suggests, is required and enforced. While additional insurance to cover damage, such as comprehensive car insurance, is not mandatory by law, it is highly recommended in case of accidents or damage.

Looking for and purchasing your first car is exciting. However, it’s easy to let the excitement get the better of you. Remember to your research and ensure you have all of your legal documents in order before you purchase your first car to make the experience an even more enjoyable one.

Dean Saliba

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