Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car? What You Need To Do Before You Panic

Fueling your car is generally a very simple task; unfortunately, so is putting the wrong fuel in your car. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it because last year, around 175,000 drivers put the wrong gasoline in their cars and needed to call a tow service or garage to help them. In fact, this happens 400 times every single day, with every mistake costing between a couple of hundred dollars and thousands of dollars.

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can result in car problems which may range from minor to serious car damage. For instance, if you put the fuel in the wrong octane, it will result to minor problems; however, if you put diesel in your gasoline tank or vice versa, you will certainly have a more serious problem.

Wrong Octane: If you put the fuel in the wrong octane, you don’t need to panic. This is the least problematic mistake you can make. You need to know that using a higher-octane fuel than what the manufacturer recommends won’t damage your car; however, using a lower octane fuel will cause engine damage, inefficient combustion, and loss of power.

Diesel In A Gasoline Engine: Very rarely does anyone make the mistake of putting diesel in a gasoline engine because the nozzle for diesel is too large for a gas tank’s opening. But it does happen, occasionally. If you make this mistake, it is best to call for a tow truck and have a professional mechanic flush the system. Don’t start the engine to avoid car damage.

Gasoline In A Diesel: This is the most serious of all fueling mistakes. Burning gas in a diesel engine will damage the fuel pump and injector. If this happens, you should have a mechanic inspect the extent of the car damage and flush the fuel system. According to Avenue Wheel Shop, it is best to talk to a professional mechanic regarding your auto repair concerns to help you understand and solve issues with your vehicle.

Don’t Panic: 3 Things You Should Do

Don’t Start Your Engine: Most car owners fail to realize that they’ve put the wrong fuel in their vehicle until their engine starts to break down and lose power. If that happens, all you can do is call for a tow service and wait for them to rescue you.

But in the event that you realized that you’ve used the wrong fuel, don’t start your engine. Turning your car on will circulate the wrong fuel into the system. You would probably get a few miles but in the long run, your car will start to break down on you. Remember that petrol in a diesel engine will damage the lubrication process of the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine will damage the coil packs, the catalytic converter, and the oxygen sensors. By not starting the engine, you will save yourself from huge repair costs and make the mechanic’s job a lot easier.

Know How Much Wrong Fuel You Put In: Normally, the best solution is to drain all the fuel from your tank when you put in the wrong fuel; however, if you noticed your mistake while you’re still pumping, you might be able to avoid calling a repair man.

Once you noticed your mistake, try to calculate just how much wrong fuel you’ve pumped in your car. If it is less than 10% of the tank’s capacity, you could top up with the correct fuel and safely drive away. But if you are unsure, it is better to drain the fuel system to be safe.

Call For Assistance: Lastly, you should immediately call for assistance. Correcting the mistake of putting in the wrong fuel in your car needs professional mechanical skills. So if you make this mistake, remember to stay calm, keep your car switched off, and call for help.

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