Quick and Safe Oil Change With an Oil Extractor

Maintaining the performance of cars after they have been used for some years can be quite expensive considering the parts that need to be replaced and the labor costs that go with it. To cut down on costs, the brave few take the do-it-yourself path. This entails risk and requires some level of expertise. Perhaps one of the most basic projects that can be done even by a novice car mechanic is to change oil using an oil extractor. Many users attest to the convenience of using an oil extractor when doing an oil change on vehicles.

A simple oil extractor for the common man works like a vacuum that sucks in the fluid from the engine. This is manually done through the use of vacuum pumps attached to the oil pumper. The crude way of extracting oil is just letting all the fluid drip into a container and just wait for the last drop. While it gets the job done, there are remnants of oil in hard to reach areas of the engine bay. If they are not removed, the build up can clog the engine, which would eventually affect the performance of the car. With a manual oil change pump that has vacuum power, the oil can easily be drained without having to worry about residues.

An oil extractor can have different vacuum power levels depending on where it is to be used for. The looks of it belies the fact that it can be used in various applications – it is not just limited to cars. Other than cars, it is also used on boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators, snowmobiles, karts, and even on industrial machines. It is worth noting that the oil extractor can also be used to suck trapped water in fish tanks, and it is also useful in plumbing works. The versatility of the oil change pump makes it an indispensable tool that every household must have.

The oil extractor is a handy equipment that does not require electricity. The method is safe, as it only needs a few pumps to get the suction going. It eliminates the extra process of tilting the engine or removing drain plugs. Since it has a built-in container, the process of siphoning off fluids is not messy. This way, the collected fluids can be disposed of properly. What’s more, it would not dirty up the garage or the work area. The oil extractor is certainly a must have for a do-it-yourself aficionado because the job can be done without risks to the person and even to the environment.

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