Are You Ready to Let a Performance Intake System Rock Your Car’s World?

Airaid makes high performance air intake systems, premium high performance air filters and everything else you need to get the maximum horsepower out of your car’s engine. Their “No Hassle” warranty, excellent customer service reputation and solid craftsmanship make Airaid one of the leading brands among car enthusiasts who are looking to get more from their vehicles by modifying the air intake with high performance auto parts.

Airaid systems are all tested over and over again, for quality construction, maximum performance, and precision engineering.

How Does Airaid Help You Get the Most Out of Your Car?

Any car’s engine burns oxygen. Air is pulled into the engine through what’s called an “intake system”. This consists of..

  • an air intake box
  • air inlet to the box
  • air filter

Together, those parts make up the system under the hood that brings air to the engine. The more air, the better your car runs. When your air filter gets dirty, it’s clogged with sand, dust, dirt and who knows what else your intake system has pulled up from the road. When it’s clogged, it can’t pull enough air, which means your engine slowly suffocates. Talk about a horsepower killer… you just don’t want to restrict the air the flows to your car’s engine. It’s not good sense for anyone, but for car owners like you who want to extract maximum horsepower, it’s a Cardinal sin!

The high performance intake systems sold by Airaid keep your entire oxygen flow at its best, so your engine not only runs smoothly but also performs at peak levels at all times. The intake systems incorporate what they call an Cold Air Dam (CAD)… it keeps the intake air separate from the heat of the engine, so all air entering the engine is as cool as possible.

This is important because the cooler the air, the more oxygen it packs in. Like we said above, the more oxygen that’s delivered to your engine, the more horsepower you’ll see when driving. Factory issue intake systems simply can’t do anything like this at all. This is what you get with a high performance intake systems… the very best parts to derive the very best performance from your car.

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