Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

Many people looking to buy a new car today will consider going down the more environmentally friendly route. It’s easier than it used to be to make a greener motoring choice, though the most practical options are still either electric vehicles or hybrids.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have the problem associated with their limited range – how far you can travel on one full charge of the electric motor’s battery. As EV technology has developed, so the range on EVs has become longer. However, there’s still the fact that at some point you will have to stop for at least a couple of hours to recharge, and if you’re far from home, it’s not always easy to find a recharging point.

The UK government has made a commitment to increase the number of public charging points available. Already, the North East of England has 300 charging points for EVs and other areas in the country are making headway in putting in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Why are EVs more suited to an urban environment?

Electric vehicles don’t always offer the equivalent power and speed of conventional cars, which is why they’ve tended to make for good urban runarounds rather than motorway cars.  This is one area where hybrids are superior – you can get the same performance from a hybrid as from a conventional car, as the electric motor is there to assist the internal combustion engine rather than replace it. Of course, having the engine means that you still get some carbon dioxide exhaust emissions.

With hybrids you don’t have the range limitation that you get with an EV. Whenever you need to, you can top up the fuel tank at any fuel station, and the electric motor’s battery is continually recharged through regenerative braking. With the arrival of plug-in hybrids, the electric motor can provide more of the power, offering even greater fuel savings.

Should you be choosing a brand-new car?

Each new car offers more safety features than last year’s models. And in a recent US insurance report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, hybrids have also been highlighted as offering their occupants 25% more protection from injury in a crash as they are on average 10 per cent heavier than a conventional car, due to the weight of the battery for the electric motor.

Of course, it comes down to individual choice whether you buy an EV as it has virtually no exhaust pipe emissions, or if you go for the practicality of the hybrid’s dual power system, meaning that you can be reasonably environmentally friendly while still being free to travel whatever distance you want. Just get hunting for new car offers today to get the best vehicle to suit your needs.

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