Reasons Why Buying A Used Car Is Better Than Buying New!

If you are in the market for a new car and you’re wondering whether to go for a brand new one or a used one, then reading our helpful guide just may be able to help you make your mind up. We say that used cars are definitely the way forward. More and more people are choosing used cars over new ones, and it’s not just to save money, it’s for a whole host of other reasons too. We’ll list some of them here – what do you think?

Cost Savings


Obviously, buying a used car is going to set you back a lot less than a new car. For starters you won’t be paying any tax on it. The sale price is going to be much lower, and you are much moiré likely to find a bargain (for example, if a private seller needs a quick sale). You will also find that used cars are much cheaper to insure than new cars too – so there is no doubt that your bank balance will be a lot better off overall.

You’ll Avoid Depreciation


New cars depreciate extremely quickly, and even if you were to sell one just minutes after buying it – you’d still not get all your money back. Once a car gets to around two years old the depreciation slows down considerably, and they are able to hold their value a lot more (as long as they have been properly serviced and looked after). This is a very attractive prospect to a lot of car buyers as not many people have that sort of money to lose.

Your Pick of the Market


Your choices are a lot more varied when you are buying within the used car market. You can easily find exactly what you want without having to compromise on specification. As long as you are prepared to play the waiting game, you will find the car that you are looking for with the specification and color that you’d like too.

The Internet’s There to Help You


Since the advent of the internet, buying and selling used cars has become a lot easier. Traipsing from garage to garage and private seller to private seller is a thing of the past. Now you can get all the information that you need online, and only when you think the car is a definite possibility for you do you have to go and physically see it. There are loads of websites that are set up to help you search for the car you’re looking for, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. This means that more and more people are finding the perfect car for them at a fraction of the price they had imagined.

We’re not saying you should go for a 20 year old banger, we are just encouraging you to look at ‘nearly new’ cars that have been broken in. Anything from 2-5 years should last you a good long time, and save you a lot more money than if you had purchased it brand new.

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