Recycle Car Service In The UK – Understanding How It Is Done

Gone are the days when your only option for disposing an old car that you no longer needed was to dismantle it and throw it in a landfill or ditch. Now you can avail of the services of recycle car companies that will get the job done for you. The following information explains the general process by which these services dispose of old junk cars.

Assessing the Value of Your Car Scrap

The first thing that the car disposal company will do is to assess the value of your scrap. Valuation will depend on the type and the condition of the car parts of course, but it also hinges on the pricing scheme used by the auto scrap service. The assessment will be done at their centre as soon as you take your car there, or as soon as they collect your car from your property.

The Recycle Car Process and UK Recycling Laws

Once the price evaluation has been done, the company will begin the process of scrapping your car. As per the end of life vehicle law, the vehicle will be recycled and scrapped in such a way that it no longer has any adverse effects on the environment. The first step involves properly removing car parts that may affect the environment if not disposed of correctly.

Once those hazardous car components have been removed, the metal component in your car will be sent to a metal recycling facility. Due to the high value of metal, it has always been part of the recycling process. However, new UK laws state that other materials that used to be thrown in landfills can now be recycled as well. The law is very strict about this, so all legitimate scrap cars companies adhere to it.

The Authorised Treatment Facility Permit

In 2003, the UK passed a law penalising all businesses that scrap vehicles without this Authorised Treatment Facility permit. This license can only be obtained from the Environment Agency in England and Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland is proof that the business is legitimate.

This permit will require recycle car companies to develop and construct sealed drainage systems as well as invest in the proper equipment and buildings. This ensures that the entire complex where cars will be scrapped does not negatively impact the environment. This law ensures that only scrapping businesses that are willing to spend money on building high quality and ecologically sound structures will be permitted to operate. This entails additional expense for the scrap company, but it does provide assurance that the business is committed not just to scrapping cars properly but also in taking care of the environment.

Legitimate auto recycling centres have an Authorised Treatment Facility permit. All these companies are inspected and audited regularly to ensure that they are still doing their work legally. Businesses with a permit will have a seal of approval indicating their legitimacy.

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